Kalikia's Pürblack shilajit testimonial.

Today I’ve taken Pürblack for 7 days first thing in the morning and already I’m experiencing an incredible surge of energy in my body! I woke up this morning before my alarm went off, calm and fully rested, alert even with my eyes still closed, recalling my dreams with ease.

Today I got everything on my list checked off easily and with more vitality than I have for a few months. Today I’ve experienced more lasting concentration and focus. In addition to these wonderful improvements, an ankle injury I’ve had for a few months seems to be healing itself now! I’m so excited by the dramatic visceral changes happening – I cannot wait to watch how Pürblack helps my body and mind to rejuvenate itself.

I found Pürblack about 5 months ago when staying with friends during a workshop series. They were kind enough to share their jar of Pürblack Live Resin with me during that time – I immediately felt palpable changes happen within hours after drinking one cup of water with the mineral pitch resin shilajit mixed in. There was a distinct shift in my energy field and I felt that I was better able to access the concepts and ideas in the workshop. After using Pürblack for little more than a weekend, I was beginning to notice a healthier more restful sleep cycle, complete with improved dream retention.

I was excited about this product immediately and wanted to buy some shilajit, but my friend couldn’t remember the name of it (the label had worn off) or where he got it from. When I found Pürblack last week, I quickly remembered the extraordinary properties and bought the jar. The kind woman at the Tea Bar was generous enough to make me a pot of PurBlack right on the spot. I shared the pot with a few friends, and then later had another for myself. I was so excited to have found Pürblack again and able to vitalize my body with this powerful superfood. This led to a dramatic shift in my energy and a deep rooted buzz and feeling of connectedness to the inner Divine. Although, I suppose this may have been influenced by my attendance at a Full Moon Water Blessing Ceremony that evening.

I wholeheartedly recommend Pürblack – its wonderful benefits and versatility make it easy to enjoy in many ways. I’m looking forward to creating serious rejuvenation using this product!

Thank you, Pürblack!