What Is Shilajit Resin?

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Traditional holistic systems, particularly Ayurveda, consider pure shilajit resin as a supreme healing substance.  Ancient texts focused on Traditional Indian medicine, famous among them the text Charaka Samhita is the foundation of Ayurvedic medicine. It translates to “Compendium of Charaka” and regards Shilajit, a.k.a. Mineral pitch, as a supreme herbal formulation. 

It would be erroneous to think that Shilajit is purely Asian or Indian in origin. Famous figures in the history of medicine have used it. Avicenna was one, and he theorized the genesis of the unique substance. Antiquity works in multiple languages: Arabic, old Persian, Chinese, and Sanskrit, as well as later works in many European languages, describe harvesting, processing, and application of Shilajit. Ayurveda practitioners not only used shilajit to heal conditions and improve health, but they also used it in combination with other herbs and natural supplements with the thought that it may magnify the benefits.

Demand for shilajit is high in the last few decades. The beneficial properties are known for thousands of years by traditional practitioners in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East and in the last few decades, modern science has validated some of its claims exploding its acceptance in the West. An increase in demand offers opportunities for everyone who has harvest access to it. Sadly, the opportunity extends far and wide and unscrupulous vendors get in on the action creating their own versions and selling them with a seal of “genuineness” that is far from the truth.

Today, most products in the US market, sold as “shilajit” (powder) are mostly imitations of authentic shilajit. Demand is high but supply remains the same, worse, in places like Tibet, supply is rumored to be running low. There is no way for nature to keep up with the demand as it takes hundreds of years to form naturally.

A clue to authenticity is in the form.  Many so-called shilajit is in powder, but in its veritable state, it is a resinous substance, a solid even in cool temperatures. Shilajit supplements are also being marketed in the US in tablet or capsule forms and even as tinctures.

To learn more about Pürblack authenticity, check our Authenticity and Safety video.


Shilajit, also known as moomijo, mumie, or mineral pitch is a tar-like substance that oozes from resin bearing rocks in high altitudes in the Himalayas, Caucasus and Siberian and mountain ranges. No definite source tells us about the origins and discovery of shilajit. Ancient books in Ayurveda, claim that monkeys surrounding the Himalayas licked the black colored goo that came out of rocks giving them strength. This occurrence piqued the curiosity of the tribes, and so they started taking the substance as well, and they felt better energy, better health, and improved strength. 

The substance is greatly influenced by the vegetation surrounding the resin bearing rocks. Amino acids of animal or microbial base were found in samples which means that it may not be purely plant-based.


Shilajit’s many health benefits have been known for centuries. Healers used it for various ailments and even as an aphrodisiac. It is mostly used to strengthen the body, in particular, the immune system.  They were also widely used to arrest fatigue and low energy levels or chronic fatigue syndrome. Today, modern science has made progress in understanding this unique substance, confirming and validating most of the knowledge known by practitioners, for instance, the lack of side effects and safety for long term use.

Shilajit works by aiding the body to achieve its maximum potential. It contains nutrients and minerals essential to the proper homeostasis and substances like fulvic acid that aid the body in transporting nutrients to the body so it can utilize them efficiently.

Shilajit uses include consumption as a potent anti-free radical or antioxidant, and as discussed previously, it was used to promote healthy fertility and may even help maintain healthy testosterone levels. Bodybuilders in Russia used it for endurance and it was claimed to help build muscle. Although exciting and certainly interesting uses for shilajit, most tests are purely scientific or done in small scale, but do offer room for large scale testing for added confirmation.

Ayurvedic doctors also used it to accelerate wound healing and heal bone fractures. Clinical studies have yet to validate these claims although in vivo testing is promising.


Shilajit powder is widely available in the market. You can find it in e-commerce stores like Amazon and Ebay. They are usually priced less and are contained in capsules to be taken as supplements. Having shilajit in a capsule or tablet is attractive to many. Pop a pill or two and you are set. The problem is that shilajit powders are generally not genuine shilajit but are a soil extraction. 

Shilajit is naturally a black exudate resin and not a powder; thus, care must be taken when buying powdered versions since they may contain little to no shilajit. The best shilajit resin will always be in its original form when sold and not in powder or tincture or even capsule form. Heavy metals are a concern when it comes to powdered shilajit. It is wise to ask the seller if they have analyzed their samples and can report that it is free of heavy metals and microbes through a certificate of chemical analysis. 


If you are using resin. like Pürblack Live Resin, scooping a small, pea-sized amount using a small spoon or our patented pürscale™, and then dissolving it in a glass of water is the easiest way.  For powder, pour and stir a small amount in a glass of water. It may be difficult to measure the right dose unless you have a measuring spoon. For liquid shilajit (viscous oil consistency), pour a small amount in a glass of water and stir to dissolve.

The recommended daily dose is 250mg to 500mg and is best when taken before a meal and with an empty stomach. Dosage may vary depending on weight and physical activity. Research proves that it is safe up to 2 grams per day and even more and will not cause any kidney and liver issues.


Now in its 4th generation formulation, Pürblack Live Resin is pure mineral pitch resin in its finest. It exceeds all other shilajit varieties in the market in terms of efficacy. Our newest formulation now comes with True Gold and Silver which promotes brain, and joint health. Transparency is crucial for Pürblack, thus we publish and provide proof of authenticity and certificates of analysis detailing that our resin is free from any harmful metals, metabolites, and radioactive materials.

Utilizing a patented manufacturing process, Pürblack manages a formulation that is free from harmful components while preserving the nutrients and organic components that makes shilajit special. Pürblack comes in high-end Miron glass jars to make sure that your resin stays fresh for years to come.

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