shilajit for incredible strength.

Boost Your Testosterone Levels with Shilajit

    According to research, 1 in 4 men has low levels of testosterone, a condition that becomes increasingly common with age [1]. Research has found that high-quality shilajit, also referred to as mineral pitch, mumie, or salajeet, not only naturally boosts testosterone levels, but has some additional health benefits. Unfortunately, many products on the market that call themselves shilajit are simply imitation products that have been manufactured in environments that can not even call themselves labs.

    The following takes an in-depth look at genuine shilajit, including how it works, who can benefit from using it, and further benefits associated with its use, as well as why it is important that you stay away from imitations.

    What is Shilajit?

    Used for centuries as a tonic, shilajit is an “herbal” substance that is composed of organic plant material that is believed to have been compressed by rocks in the Caucasus, Siberia, and Himalayan Mountains for years. True shilajit can only be collected from cracks in the cliffs and rocks. After collection, legitimate manufacturers, such as Pürblack Live Resin, is naturally purified, concentrated and made into a potent shilajit extract. Pürblack uses a patent-pending process. Our resin is purer and higher efficacy than any highest quality traditional shilajit or mumie ever created.

    How does Shilajit Work?

    Ashless humic acids, considered by many in the health field to be second only to DNA regarding the importance to life, are the macromolecules believed to be the primary component of shilajit. The normalize mitochondrial respiration and provide a human body with much-needed energy to create change. The resin is packed with micro minerals and other nutrients, that the body can absorb easily and direct to the areas where they are most needed for healthy change, maintenance, and regeneration.

    Who Should Use Shilajit?

    Shilajit that is high quality is an extremely safe product that can be used by anyone who is struggling with naturally low testosterone levels or simply wants to improve their strength, immunity, or vitality. Its performance-enhancing effect, especially when combined with ashwagandha, Rhodiola and ginseng is a reason, this is a popular supplement among athletes.

    Additional Benefits of Shilajit

    Users are often shocked by the number of major benefits shilajit offers. They include:

    • Improved testosterone levels, stamina, and energy levels
    • Mood stabilization, including healthy response to anxiety and agitation
    • Decreased healing time between workouts due to optimal cell oxygenation, quicker tissue regeneration, and an improvement in the body’s natural antioxidant response system
    • A noticeable improvement in memory and even a sharper intelligence in some individuals
    • Enhanced immune system and natural antioxidant response, which results in fewer illnesses and quicker recovery times in the event you need a healthy boost
    • Improvement in the body’s ability to absorb crucial nutrients, as well as enhanced effectiveness and potency of these crucial nutrients
    • Healthy blood sugar levels
    • Improved detoxification, by making it easier for the body to collect free radicals and debris while cleaning the blood and tissues in the body
    • Improvement in the body’s natural and healthy ability to tolerate pain

    A Word of Warning

    It is important to know that, there is an overabundance of fake shilajit available on the market. Not only do the imitation products not have the same effect as the original, but they usually haven’t been appropriately filtered or processed.

    To make certain you are getting genuine shilajit, instead of shilajit created in a lab, it’s important to know who you are buying from. Pürblack Resin sells only the highest quality 3rd shilajit. You can be sure that their products are genuine, top quality and efficacy.