Complete Guide On Shilajit Dosage – Pürblack

Complete Guide On Shilajit Dosage - Pürblack

The growing demand for shilajit could signal a timely shift to alternative and traditional therapies. Many have turned to nootropics in recent years to support increased immunity and brain activity. Sadly, often at the expense of their personal health and safety.

Is shilajit any better? Based on both historical use and recent scientific findings, there’s no reason to think otherwise. The key to achieve positive changes to your mind, body, and spirit is to get just the right amount of resin.

Like other dietary supplements, too much or too little pure shilajit can be bad for your health.

How to Use Shilajit?

how to use

How much shilajit resin you must take to derive optimal benefits depends on many factors. These factors can be grouped into two.

First, there are factors that are inherent in the type and quality of product that you’re getting.

Second, there are individual user factors that must be considered.

Product Considerations


product considerations

To derive positive results from this supplement, you must know how to dose it properly. Always take caution when shopping around for shilajit. In general, don’t buy shilajit presented in forms other than resin. This will contain much less of the natural minerals that can be obtained from pure forms.

The majority of brands are not committed to delivering quality shilajit. These brands don’t take measures to make sure their product can work wonders for your health and well-being. Expect even fewer products that mind your safety.

When you buy Pürblack, what you get is pure mineral pitch in live resin form. The Pürblack TrueGold variety is even enhanced with Gold at 100ppm.

Why choose Pürblack? Here are other reasons you can’t ignore:

  • Pürblack is the only genuine shilajit resin awarded with two patents: US10130656B2 and US9903747B2.
  • Pürblack consists of ashless humic acid derived from mature shilajit bearing rocks. Collecting raw materials from places subjected to specific conditions only is required. Ideal humidification and fermentation of organic components can only happen in these places. All of these combined give shilajit beneficial properties that make it a superb adaptogen. Many brands in the market contain ordinary humic and fulvic acids only. These products do not deliver the nutrients required to restore the body to ideal health.
  • All jars sold come with a unique serial number, as well as a batch number and a lot number. Users are encouraged to register their products, using the serial numbers to check for authenticity. The company uses this information to monitor quality and to check for counterfeits.
  • Independent US labs test each batch of Pürblack for safety, purity, and efficacy. This standard promotes quality, transparency, and accountability. No other brand of shilajit does anything similar.
  • Pürblack contains minerals, nutrients, and bioactive compounds in resin form – its purest form. Pürblack delivers only purified resin rid of harmful microorganisms and toxic heavy metals.
  • Pürblack is distributed in biophotonic jars. It protects the contents while simultaneously enhancing the quality of the resin. Unlike the majority of Pürblack’s competitors, Pürblack Live Resin is never placed in cheap packaging. Such containers cannot protect the contents from reacting with the environment and becoming degraded.
  • Pürblack is trusted by health and wellness gurus in the likes of David Avocado Wolfe. Athletes including boxing champs Joseph Aguirre and Pedro Torrito Tut use it. Mexican artist Christopher Ukerman and raw vegan chef Miguel Bautista are also avid users.

User Considerations

user considerations

Individual differences also matter when determining the right dose of shilajit to take. The following user differences should be taken into consideration prior to dosing:

  • Age,
  • Weight,
  • Height,
  • Health status,
  • Other medications and supplements are taken.

Recommended Shilajit Dosage for Different Users

shilajit for different users

There is no single standard of recommended dosing for shilajit that is applicable for everyone. Users are recommended to take the first dose continuously for at least 3 days, using dosing guidelines below. During this period, users are encouraged to observe how their respective bodies react to product. From there, users should decrease or increase dosing or, increase or decrease the frequency of intake.

For Adults

The daily recommended dosage for men and for women with normal body mass index and average health is indicated below:

Quantity Frequency
250 to 500 mg 1x up to 2x per day
Max. up to more than 3 grams (in special cases)

The resin is effective with doses even as low as 50 or 100 mg. But these doses generally work better for underweight persons. 250 to 500 mg is a healthy and sufficient dose.

Older users who are less active may take less. Although, adult users, including senior citizens, may safely take more. Those who have a larger build are recommended to take higher doses to complement their body mass.

A few more pointers on dosing:

  • It is always best to consult with a naturopathic doctor or specialist in ayurvedic medicine in case of uncertainties. Or, contact Pürblack if you have questions about the product.
  • If you are taking other supplements or medications, it is best to consult with a professional before starting on shilajit. This is to prevent potential reactions with other substances.
  • Shilajit, even when taken at higher amounts, does not produce shilajit side effects. This is valid only in case if you are taking a truly genuine shilajit from a reputable manufacturer, and not a “overpromoted” resin from a marketer.
  • Pürblack resin paste dosage will be about the size of a pea or rice grain. Pürblack is best measured with the patented Pürscale scooping instrument rather than with an ordinary teaspoon.

For Children

The recommended dosage of shilajit resin for children should be limited between 50mg to 100mg. The best time to take it is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Kids prefer to take shilajit with milk or in a chocolate drink. Taking it once or twice daily is fine.

For Pets

Is shilajit safe for dogs and cats? Absolutely!

If you want your furry friends to harness the health and wellness benefits of authentic shilajit too, you can share some of the good stuff with them. How much depends on your pet’s body weight.

The minimum recommended dose is 50mg for animals weighing 150lbs. Smaller animals may be given less. For every additional 100lbs., add 50mg more of resin. Similarly, you should never administer supplement continuously or at amounts higher than this recommended dose. First thing in the morning is the best time to take shilajit. You may serve it up with your pet’s milk or liquids once or twice daily.

Learn more about shilajit for animals.

How to Take Shilajit?

how to take shilajit

You must follow the dosing guidelines above to get the most benefits from shilajit resin. Observe the following:

  • Take your morning dose first thing when you wake up, on an empty stomach.
  • If you prefer to take another dose in the evening, do so after taking some food.
  • Scoop out a pea-sized amount of Pürblack. Then, dissolve it in water, coffee, tea, milk, or any other liquid of your choice.
  • An alternative way to take it is to simply take it straight without beverage although it takes some getting used to. Do not swallow rather, roll and wait for it to dissolve in your mouth.

How Long Must Shilajit Be Taken for Positive Results?

Continuous supplementation may reduce its efficacy over the long term. Like any other supplement, the body eventually adapts to it. Thus, decreasing its effectiveness. That’s why it’s important to alternate between using and stopping use from time to time.

You may take shilajit continuously for a full month then follow with a three-day break. Or, cycle weekly by taking shilajit continuously for 6 days then break for 1 day.

Take shilajit on set periods. Take it over a couple of days, such as on days when you need an immunity or energy boost. Then, stop supplementing for roughly the same duration before beginning the cycle again.

Most users consume a full 30g jar completely before noticing any benefit to their bodies, in some users the effect is noticeable in 1-3 days. The key to successful use of resin is consistency and sufficient dosage. Do take enough and on a regular basis.

When to Take Shilajit?

when to take shilajit

There are many reasons why anybody might choose to supplement with shilajit. The ascribed benefits are endless. Men, for instance, may take shilajit for testosterone level enhancement.

Studies have shown that shilajit supports male fertility.[1] This product has been shown to promote libido and higher sperm count. It may be able to support men and their female partners who are having a hard time conceiving.

Others may take shilajit for bones or for many other reasons such as follows:

Shilajit is an adaptogenic and a biogenic stimulant which makes it an awesome supplement. It supports the body in responding better to stress. Its high antioxidant content can decrease tissue damage associated with stress. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help the body recover faster. That’s why shilajit is good for everyone.

How to Store Shilajit?

Pürblack may be left at room temperature. The resin is packaged in a container made of Miron glass. It completely shields the resin from reacting with sunlight, air, and other elements that can degrade its quality. Moreover, the container enhances resin’s good properties.

Some people may prefer to store their jars in the freezer which is okay but not necessary. Pürblack, since it is made with pure resin will harden inside the freezer. However, just taking it outside for a few minutes will warm it enough and adjust it to room temperature. You may also prefer to warm it faster by taking a scoop and rolling it between your fingers.

Is 50mg of Shilajit Enough?

is mg of shilajit enough

At the minimum, accounting for individual differences, 100mg of Pürblack must be taken daily. Although to obtain optimal effects, at least 250mg per day is recommended for adults. Now, those are the dosing levels applicable to Pürblack.

As for Pürblack competitors, it’s a different story. Although many other shilajit brands recommend a 50 to 100 mg dosage, it does not equate to the same level of potency as Pürblack Live Resin shilajit. Why?

  • Most other brands incorporate watered-down product. Thus, potency and efficacy are lower.
  • These are often presented in tablets, pills, powders, tinctures, and other forms. Resin is the only natural form of shilajit. If a product is not presented in resin, the shilajit it contains is adulterated.
  • Non-resin forms require mixing shilajit with additives. Examples of which are gelatin, oils high in trans fats, and artificial colorings and flavorings.
  • These adulterated forms would then require the addition of preservatives too. Many preservatives are carcinogenic and neurotoxic (harm the nervous system).
  • Still, these manufacturers dare label their products to contain “pure shilajit”. Products that contain additives, preservatives, and anything else other than shilajit cannot be pure shilajit.
  • When you take just 50 to 100mg of these shilajit brands, therefore, you must be wary. You’re likely getting none or very minute amounts of the stuff that makes shilajit a highly regarded dietary supplement.

The points above only cover problematic claims about the dosing recommended by some other companies. Note that even when you may be getting 50mg to 100mg of shilajit from these products, the quality of raw shilajit used must always be taken into account. You can’t just judge the quality based on taste, or smell, or appearance. Quality can only be evaluated in the lab.

Many products out there are derived from substandard sedimentary rock sources rather than shilajit bearing rock. Others may just give you humic and fulvic acids, components that are commonly used as fertilizers. On their own, these soil components cannot deliver beneficial impact to the body. Some sellers even add cow’s urine to their product to imitate the natural odor of raw shilajit.

So, be careful what you spend on. Before you click that “Buy” button, ask yourself these questions:

  • How did this product source shilajit?
  • Has this product been purified? How was it processed?
  • Is the company selling watered down resin as “soft” or “fresh” resin?
  • Does the company have any public document accounting for the purification process? Patents, certificates (without blacked out or manipulated data).
  • What’s written on the Nutrition Facts? Are there additives and preservatives inside? Is the material conveniently cut with honey or glycerin?

They can only say what they want you to believe. Ask for proof. You may request for a copy of the Certificate of Analysis of that jar of Pürblack you’re holding. This can be used to attest to product quality and safety. Only Pürblack can give you that guarantee.

Main information about Shilajit Description
What are the synonyms of Shilajit? Asphaltum punjabinum, Black bitumen, baragshun, brag zhun, Mineral pitch, Memiya, Silajat, Shilajatu, Silajatu, Kanmandam, Saileya Shilaja, Shiladhatuja, Shilamaya, Shilasweda, Shilaniryasa, Asmaja, Asmajatuka, Girija, Adrija, Gaireya
What is the source of Shilajit? Aminoacid, Metal & Mineral based
How effective is Shilajit? Alzheimer’s disease, Cancer, Fatigue, Heavy metal toxicity, Hypoxia (low oxygen in tissues), Respiratory tract infection


What is the best way to take shilajit?

It is best to dilute the shilajit in any liquid. Measure out a portion of shilajit with a purscale and dissolve it in a drink. It can be water, tea, coffee, juice or milk.

What is the best time to take shilajit?

You can take shilajit at any time. But the best time to take it is on an empty stomach in the morning. In this way, the nutrients are better absorbed into the body.

How long does shilajit take to work?

It all depends on the individual body characteristics of each person. Some people feel the positive effect from the first day. Some people need more time. On average, you will notice positive changes after 7-10 days.

How does shilajit make you feel?

The adaptogenic properties of shilajit allow a person to feel a rush of energy, a charge of vitality, and to look at the world with optimism. Shilajit helps to recover faster after physical and psychological stresses.

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