Shilajit: The Ultimate Healing Solution for Broken Bones & Torn Muscles

Shilajit: The Ultimate Healing Solution for Broken Bones & Torn Muscles

Shilajit is one of the wonders of the ancient world that is rapidly making a comeback. A growing number of people are seeking more effective means to rejuvenate. Many crave solutions that do not entail compromises and side effects associated with modern medicine. For a long time people have been using shilajit for bone health.

Among several benefits, shilajit’s bone healing and muscle regeneration functions are highly sought-after. Men and women suffering from bone injuries and tissue damage may benefit. Those who exercise regularly may gain better performance.

How Shilajit Promotes Bone and Muscle Recovery

how shilajit promotes bone and muscle recovery

There are several factors that can cause injury to the bones and muscles, among which are:

  • Repeated use,
  • Sudden or constant strain,
  • Accidents,
  • Overexercising,
  • Sedentary lifestyle,
  • Aging.

The issues may add up to cause immobility and limited range of motion. Pain is usually the earliest sign of tissue damage. Following the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) Method may promote faster recovery and healing. Although, implementing adjustments to one’s diet can also help the body heal itself.

Food groups that contain high amounts of vitamins A, C and E, protein, calcium, and Omega-3 fatty acids are important in promoting bone and muscle health. For an injured or aging person, demand for nutrients cannot be met via food sources only. In most cases, supplementation will be necessary and beneficial.

How is Shilajit Good for Bones and Muscles?

how is shilajit good for bones and muscles

Shilajit resin has adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties. These promote faster healing and rejuvenation of tired muscles and bones. Pure shilajit improves the bioavailability of nutrients. This way, the body can use up vitamins and minerals from your diet better and faster. In turn, these augmented processes help heal your injuries sooner. This will have a positive effect on broken bones as well.

Below are some of the ways that shilajit can support recovery [1] from bone fracture or muscle fatigue:

  • Shilajit is loaded with more than 85 minerals. Combined with humic and fulvic acids, shilajit exhibits properties that support healthy bones and muscles.
  • Fulvic Acid contains high amounts of oxygen that can dissolve in blood. It relieves tired muscles experiencing a steep and rapid decline of oxygen levels in the blood. This may be experienced during an intense workout.
  • It is also a strong antioxidant. Antioxidants help fight free radicals. If not neutralized, free radicals damage cells which add up to damage bones, muscles, and other tissues.
  • Humic acid and iron in shilajit can help inhibit muscle fatigue. These can also improve recovery from stress or strenuous activities. If you workout regularly, that means you can perform more intense workouts. You can do more repetition over longer periods of time without getting tired too easily.
  • Its surfactant property also makes it a highly efficient carrier[2] of nutrients and other beneficial compounds. It can transport oxygen, calcium, and magnesium, elements that help rebuild damaged tissues.

Shilajit Promotes Stronger Bones and Muscles

shilajit promotes stronger bones and muscles

Can shilajit promote better management of osteoporosis? Does it help regenerate cartilage?

In general, whether or not shilajit impacts human health remains under debate. Despite centuries of wide use in different parts of the world, scientific evidence around mumie, mumio or moomiyo — other names for shilajit — are only beginning to pile up.

Research on its restorative effects has grown in recent years. There is more evidence that shows it may indeed have a role in tissue repair and regeneration. It has also been shown to help improve the bioavailability of nutrients in the body. Its positive effect on managing stress and recovering from stress are also well-documented.

One study [3] found that oral intake of shilajit improved 17 components of the extracellular matrix. These ECM components serve as the building blocks of tissues necessary to heal bone- and muscle-related wear and tear. ECM includes collagen and elastin. Subjects included conducted in the US among adults classified as overweight, Class 1.

Improvements were observed after just 16 weeks of continuous oral supplementation with shilajit. The first 8 weeks were spent taking only the supplement. The final 4 weeks combined the same dose of supplement with exercise.

Difference between Pürblack and other brands

side effects due to substance reaction

Getting your hands on shilajit, however, is never enough. If you plan to use shilajit for broken bones or as a supplement to your diet, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Shilajit or mineral pitch can only hold beneficial nutrients at beneficial amounts when consumed in its natural resin state. You’ll come across shilajit capsules, pills, and powders in the market. Be forewarned because these are fake or contain minute amounts of the good stuff you need to feel rejuvenated. Pürblack is one of few products that found a way to transport, package, and distribute shilajit in resin form.
  • Pürblack Live Resin is the only shilajit resin awarded with a US patent for its manufacturing process. This process uses slow heating that keeps most of the good in shilajit alive for your body to harness. Simultaneously, it purifies shilajit to a level that is safe for consumption.

On the contrary, other brands remain stuck on traditional processing techniques. These practices fail to take out harmful microorganisms and contaminants naturally found in raw shilajit. Check out the Pürblack patents: US10130656B2 and US9903747B2.

  • There are three ways to test shilajit for quality — liability test, burn test, and solubility test. Every jar of Pürblack is guaranteed to pass all three. Even then, only a thorough lab test can reveal the specific levels of active ingredients, biological activity, and amount of heavy metals present in a jar of shilajit. That’s why it’s always best to obtain your shilajit from a trusted market leader.


Currently, you will find contradicting research that may either attest or detest shilajit and its alleged health benefits. When you dig deeper, however, shilajit is just one of many natural and alternative healing practices that is only beginning to make their way to mainstream therapeutics.

Indeed, consensus may have yet to be found but using shilajit for a broad range of health and wellness goals amounts to centuries of experience using this resin. Needless to mention, the scientific proof is also mounting fast. Just remember that not all shilajit you’ll find is created to be beneficial. Some may actually do you more harm than good.

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