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shilajit for healing bones and muscles.

You are probably reading this article because you either already experienced how powerful Pürblack shilajit is in a healthy regeneration of bones or soft tissue. Probably you have recently injured yourself or heard from a friend that Pürblack is great for you. Alternatively, maybe you are just a medical scientist trying to understand if there is any validity behind the statements we are making on this website.

You are to understand that the tissue regeneration facts are true, but the devil is in the details. With this article, we are attempting to shed light on the details and scientifically exorcise the devil. Jokes apart…

Shilajit For Bone and Muscle Regeneration

The fundamental medical research that linked the regeneration of tissue to mineral pitch resin was a second-level dissertation by the Soviet orthopedic surgeon Dr. Adil’ Shakirov. In order for you not to get lost in the hierarchy maze of Soviet science, there are a couple of things you have to understand about awarding doctorates in the Soviet Union. The first-doctorate doctorate awarded was the degree of “Candidate Of Sciences.” The second much higher doctorate was the degree of “Doctor of Sciences.” The “candidate of sciences” was awarded for innovation or optimization in a branch of science or industry. The second one “Doctor of Sciences” was awarded for serious and substantial discoveries in a specific science branch. It is hard to equate the two Soviet degrees to the Masters or Ph.D.’s earned in the United States. The reason is that the Soviet scientific standard was significantly more rigorous.

Mumie-asil For Bone Fractures

The year is 1967, and our attention is on a seasoned surgeon defending his “Doctor of Sciences” title before a group of medical Ph.D.’s. The name of the doctoral thesis is: “Mumie-asil in a comprehensive treatment of bone fractures (experimental and clinical research).” You will probably wonder what does Mumie-asil means. Mumie is simply mineral pitch resin commonly known as Shilajit, Salajeet or Mumijo. Asil stands for pure, original or genuine. (Translator’s note: Dr. Shakirov did most of his research and practiced in Uzbekistan, which is the former Republic of Soviet Union. Uzbekistan is a primarily Muslim republic where the language is influenced by Arabic. Asil is an Arabic word used by Uzbeks to connote purity and authenticity. The word is borrowed from Arabic).

Dr. Shakirov analyzed the effect of mineral pitch resin on 137 animals and 165 patients. The research proved that using mineral pitch substantially speeds up the regeneration of bones. He observed not only the fracture consolidation speed.  The scientist also discovered that in patients who consume mineral pitch after the fracture, there is a substantially better mineral deposition at the site of the fracture. Blood profiles and overall wellness improved as well.

If Dr. Shakirov was the pioneer of the holistic application of mineral pitch supporting conventional medicine, many Soviet researchers followed his school of thought and have shown that mineral pitch (a.k.a. Shilajit or Mumie) is helpful supporting people with trauma such as fractures, tears, and other injuries. Notably, Soviet doctors never used mineral pitch by itself, despite researching it in a clearly medical environment. Mumie (mineral pitch, Shilajit) was always a holistic auxiliary to the conventional medical routine. Despite excellent results conventional Soviet medicine just like modern Western medicine considered many traditional holistic methods as untrustworthy. Holistic substances were duly scrutinized and always used to support health but not conventionally “treat.”


If you are thinking of going out there and getting a “quick-fix” Shilajit, Mumie or Moomiyo Extract. Mineral pitch (a.k.a. Shilajit, Salajeet, Mumie or Mumijo) is the most counterfeited supplement in the world. Because of its notoriety in Ayurvedic medicine over 99% of what is called Shilajit or Mumie on the market are simply fake imitation products. You can find our post about imitations by clicking this link.

The substance that Dr. Shakirov used in his studies was mineral pitch-Mumie “sifted” by chemists and doctors working under rigorous scientific standards of the Soviet medical science machine. Using a substandard substance meant loss of reputation and potentially a felony with years in prison. Mumie used in scientific research was properly screened and prepared.

Unfortunately, modern-day Russia, as well as India both, have very loose standards of quality. Because all mineral pitch resin looks almost the same it is impossible for an educated consumer to distinguish what is quality and what is not. In most cases, if you are not purchasing from a reputable company you likely to get a cheap knockoff. We have published a standard questionnaire that will allow you to pick high-quality mineral pitch.

Is PÜRBLACK Live Resin Different?

Pürblack live resin substantially differs from any mineral pitch resin, Shilajit, Mumie available on the market today. The invention of Pürblack resin took substantial time and effort. We were very aware of the standards that Dr. Shakirov used in his research. It was also very clear to us how companies manufacture high quality and substandard quality Shilajit. The goal was and is to outperform and manufacture the resin exceeding quality and efficacy of what Dr. Shakirov used in his research and what Charaka Samhita (foundation text of Ayurvedic holistic medicine) describes. You can review Pürblack’s patent application by clicking this link.

The resulting Live Resin by Pürblack not only to the best and can do what Dr. Shakirov’s Mumie-Asil and authentic Shilajit resins from the Himalayas do. Pürblack also shows multiple properties, which were not traditionally attributed to neither Shilajit nor Moomiyo. As a company we file all the FDA prior notices, follow good manufacturing practices and import the product legally into the country. On the transparency side, a comprehensive certificate of analysis is publicly available through our website. We protect our customers from counterfeits. Starting September 2014 each jar of Pürblack Live Resin has an individual serial number to verify authenticity with the company.

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