Counterstrike heavy metals with the dynamic duo

Counterstrike heavy metals with the dynamic duo

Most of us grow up associating heavy metals with poisoning. What most people don’t know is that several heavy metals play vital roles to keep our bodies running like a well-oiled machine. But, just like all the good in the world, too much can also be bad. In the case of heavy metals, many of these do lead to irreversible health conditions and, in some cases, death. That’s when shilajit detox can be helpful.

Does Shilajit Detox Your Body?

does shilajit detox your body

For centuries, many cultures around the world have used moomiyo, a local term for shilajit. It continues to be used today as a treatment for many diseases as well as to improve energy and immunity, and detox the body.

Does shilajit detox heavy metals too? Yes, indeed! One of the most astonishing features of natural, unadulterated shilajit is that it has a complex composition of substances. This consists of minerals, plant compounds, amino acid precursors, metabolites, and humic and fulvic acids that work in synergy to give it its health-giving properties.

Far from being merely a tradition passed down from one generation to the next, here is a handful of scientific evidence of how shilajit and heavy metals interact. These accounts give a glimpse of the possible workings of shilajit in the body:

  • Shilajit contains a huge selection of minerals that probably contributes to its complex, earthy Taste. Two important minerals that may be obtained from shilajit are molybdenum and selenium. Both of which are known to have a detox effect on the body. [1, 2] More specifically, these minerals work side-by-side to deliver the following mechanisms:
    •  Deeply penetrate tissues
    • Help breakdown toxins
    • Tackle deeply entrenched heavy metals then flushes them out
  • Many other minerals present in shilajit either directly or indirectly contribute to detoxifying the body. Two essential minerals that play major supporting roles are iron and zinc. These elements help restore optimal transport, absorption, and metabolism of nutrients required by cells to perform their respective functions.
  • Humic and fulvic acids, both of which are present in high quantities in shilajit, may also help with shilajit heavy metal detox. One study examined how different heavy metals reacted with humic and fulvic acids in water environments. The humic acid-fulvic acid solution was enabled using different types of nanoparticles.

The researchers found that different nanoparticles and heavy metals had varied reactions. They suggest that when this acid combination is mixed with nanoparticles it can help eliminate heavy metals. Although further research will be necessary to find out the effect of such a combination on the body. [3]

  • Shilajit contains a rich amount of metabolites especially beneficial to the body known as dibenzo-alpha pyrones. These metabolites help the body detox naturally by restoring optimal energy levels down to the cellular level. When more energy is available, the body is more capable of delivering its various functions. That includes cleaning up the body of toxins. [4]

Beyond Detox

beyond detox

What makes shilajit such a wonderful way to naturally detox the body is that it has the potential to bring about so much more benefits other than cleanse your body. Some of these benefits are listed below:

  • Fulvic and humic acids may protect the body from absorbing excess heavy metals. Researchers examined how fulvic acid naturally found in drinking water reacted with cadmium. They found that when cadmium was present, only about half of the cadmium is absorbed by the intestines. [5]
  • Shilajit and its influence on weight management has been repeatedly studied. Among the most interesting ones examine its effect on fats. One such study tested shilajit on human subjects. After supplementing with shilajit for 45 days, researchers found that the subjects given shilajit had lower blood cholesterol levels. Simultaneously, an increase in good cholesterol levels were also noted. [6]
  • The rich antioxidant content of shilajit may also inhibit the expression of heavy metals in the body. Heavy metals like cadmium and arsenic cause damage by releasing free radicals that attack cells. Antioxidants provide a protective function that stops heavy metals from causing irreversible damage long before they begin to negatively react with cells.[7]

Safely Detox with Shilajit

safely detox with shilajit

Most detox therapies are associated with side effects. Usually, that includes diarrhea, headache, lack of sleep, extreme hunger or loss of appetite, shaking, nausea, and vomiting. There are no documented shilajit detox symptoms.

If you’re planning to take shilajit, make sure to check the quality of shilajit that you’re getting before starting on one. Beware of fakes, scams, and low-grade shilajit. Always ask for a Certificate of Analysis. Buy only purified shilajit covered by a patent like Pürblack. Both documents help establish its maker’s sincerity to be accountable for your safety and product quality.

Follow instructions on how to take shilajit. Keep in mind that taking more than the prescribed dose will not amplify the benefits.

Support Pets Diet Fulvic acid helps the body absorb nutrients from the diet more effectively.
Solution for Pets Wellness Shilajit may become a good addition to your pet food enriching it with nutrients and essential components.
Animal Energy Balance Shilajit may improve overall nutrient absorption because of fulvic acid, which increases the bioavailability of other bio-compounds.
Skin and Coat Wellness Shilajit is a source of trace minerals, fulvic acid, and other plant-based components.


What does shilajit do for the body?

Shilajit is a natural antioxidant. It promotes immune system health, and cellular rejuvenation supports bone strength and joint health and positively affects libido and fertility. Shilajit boosts energy and physical power and helps you recover quickly from physical exertion and stress.

Does shilajit bind toxins?

Shilajit contains a vast amount of minerals, humic and fulvic acids that help remove toxins and heavy metals from the body.

Two essential minerals found in shilajit are molybdenum and selenium. Both are known for their detoxifying effects on the body.

Is shilajit good for gut health?

Fulvic acid has a positive effect on digestion. It improves gut health and keeps the skin beautiful.

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