Many Yoga practitioners use shilajit not only for the clean energy it provides but also for the focus and calming benefits. This makes it the perfect superfood for the yoga practitioner in you! In this article, see how Purblack shilajit supports your body doing yoga, and how it can improve your experience.

Ever wondered if your pets can take shilajit? You would be surprised to know that many ask us this. From cats to horses, people are asking if their furry pets can take it. In this article, we discuss whether your pets can take shilajit, how much for optimum health complete with doses for big to small pets.

Does shilajit boost testosterone? This is a common question men ask us and we get it. In Asia, shilajit is a supplement for testosterone. In this article, we discuss shilajit and testosterone and the relationship between the two. We also offer tips on how you can boost your testosterone, naturally along with supplementation.

Shilajit may help improve bone marrow health.

It is not often discussed, but shilajit not only helps promote strong bones and muscles, regular use supports blood cell production too! In this article, we discuss the benefit of shilajit supplementation in promoting blood components and how it can improve health.

Shilajit is not exactly what you’d consider as a weight loss supplement but did you know that it can help you lose weight? How does it work then? In this article, we discuss how better energy utilization, and having more energy helps the body in using up its energy stores (fat) and even utilize food energy better. When taken as a system, and with regular use, shilajit may just help with weight loss.

Have you ever considered using shilajit to keep your tooth free from decay? Did it ever cross your mind as a fluoride replacement? Not quite like that but in this article, we discuss how Purblack supports the fight against tooth decay and that regular supplementation may even help remineralize lost tooth calcium.

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