Shipping & Returns

Pürblack would refund 100% of your purchase if the product did not work for you. We are fair to our customers and expect our customers being fair to us. In order to take advantage of our 300 day guarantee, you will need to take Pürblack Live Resin daily as required and document taking it with date-stamped photos, with meta-data intact and short journal entries describing the change in how you feel from taking Pürblack Live Resin. If you did not experience any improvements, we will refund your purchase except for the shipping costs.


If you wish to return the product, send it back with its original packaging, and unopened within 45 days from the purchase. Please, write to us in advance, for an address of our return department. Only the price of the product will be refunded.


We are happy to exchange the product if it is returned in the original packaging, unopened. Please, write to us in advance letting us know which product you are exchanging for.


All product will be shipped USPS first class. Delivery in the US and Canada takes 3-7 days subject to product and USPS/Canada Post service availability. Delivery worldwide may take 7-25 days, excluding the time for the product to pass any customs.