The Healing Power of Shilajit: Benefits, Uses, and Duration Guide

The Healing Power of Shilajit: Benefits, Uses, and Duration Guide

Safety is always a concern when it comes to health supplements. The relaxed regulatory environment makes it easy for low-quality products to enter the space. These products sell fast too due to the low price. You have to question the authenticity of this merchandise, as too low a price usually coincides with low quality. In this space, low quality adds multiple other dangers, for instance, contamination, and poor processing. Another concern is the dosage, like how often should you be taking Shilajit, how much, and for how long. Supplements are usually cycled to keep effectiveness, but does this work for Shilajit? Should you cycle shilajit?

Value your health more than saving a few bucks. When it comes to shilajit, make sure that what you are using is 100% authentic, free from artificial fillers and additives. We highly discourage the use of imitations in the form of powder, tinctures, watered-down shilajit resins, tablets, and capsules. These imitations or fakes could be dangerous to your health.

Can I Take Shilajit Every Day for a Long Time?

can i take shilajit for a long time

You can take it shilajit every day, but we advise, that you consult a doctor if you are unsure whether the supplement is right for you. Shilajit is safe for everyday use and can be taken for as long as you want. Scientific and clinical research has established its safety, even at 10x higher than the recommended daily dose. We don’t recommend taking such a high dose, because, authentic shilajit is potent enough and will give you all the benefits even with just a small dose.

For how long you should be taking shilajit is really up to you. Its safety has been established and no long-term side effects have ever been observed with genuine mineral pitch. Authentic Shilajit is expensive, especially when taken regularly so cycling and lowering dosages may be helpful.

Checking the purity of shilajit should be a habit of yours if you like to try multiple brands of shilajit. Like what we mentioned before, there are many fakes and imitations out there containing potentially harmful fillers. Knowing how to check the purity of your purchase may just be the step that can help you avoid any potential visits to the hospital.

We highly recommend getting your jar from legitimate companies with full documentation on how the resin was acquired, processed and lab testing results from independent sources.

Cycling Shilajit Dosing & Intake

cycling shilajit

Cycling works well with shilajit. Cycling simply means that you take breaks at least a day or two every week. But there is no clear and reliable rule about breaks. It is said to keep the effectiveness of the substance, anchored on the premise that we do not necessarily need the bioactives from supplements, at least not regularly to be healthy.

It is also predicated on the centuries-long understanding of herbal supplement use. According to Rosemary Gladstar, the author of Herbal Healing For Women, cycling corresponds to nature. Everything is cyclic, and that principle is applied to herbal supplements. In China, tonics were cycled whether the substance had any side effects. There are herbs, that when used for several days without breaks, tend to plateau in effect. This meant that the individual ceased from benefiting from the substance and anything that was taken past that line is unnecessary and is wasted. This becomes a concern with mineral pitch since it is expensive. You do not want to be wasting it when you cannot get any benefit from it.

According to Dr. Andrew Weil, herbal supplements are considered natural drugs and not like vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for optimum homeostasis.

Shilajit cycling makes sense for a variety of purposes. Genuine resin is high efficacy that a small dose is enough for most people. It is widely known to help promote energy and that the energy benefit is almost immediate. So it makes sense if you need the energy boost, but will be taking more of it improve your energy levels more? I bet not. Each one of us is different, but the chemicals or substances we take, has a limit in effect, and this is no different from shilajit.

If you are using supplements as an active source of nutrients and minerals, cycling may not be ideal. Mineral pitch contains many nutrients and trace elements that are beneficial to health. If you depend on it as a vitamin supplement, cycling may not be for you.

How Long Does It Take For Shilajit To Work?

how long

How long does it take for shilajit to work is a fairly common question mineral pitch users ask themselves. Most people who use shilajit report noticeable effects after a day or two of use, while others say that it took effect for them after a week or two. It differs from one person to the other. We all differ in lifestyle. Some of us have health conditions, too. All of these affect how we perceive or judge the effects of the substance. Feelings are subjective also. One may not feel the advantages of shilajit since it is stealthily working for you at a cellular level.

Mix Pürblack shilajit with drinks and enjoy

mix purblack with drinks and enjoy

Shilajit manufacturers provide instructions for their formulations, and it is best to follow their recommendations. Powder manufacturers, tablets, and shilajit pills have their own instructions on how often you should take shilajit, and for how much. However, we believe that the best quality shilajit is in resin form. Only in this form does it retain all of its properties. We have patented purification and production technology and guarantee the highest quality of our product.

Consume our shilajit before breakfast, 20-30 minutes before a meal. You can roll shilajit into a pill and then have it naturally dissolve in your mouth. It is easier to dissolve the resin in a glass of water. A cup (250ml) of water is more than enough. Pure water is best. Avoid tap water, as it may contain chlorine, which might affect the bioactives in the resin.

Mixing shilajit with milk is an age-old remedy and works well too if you like taking milk. The sweet taste of milk helps mask the bitterness of the resin.

Shilajit mixed with honey is also a common combination. The sweet taste of honey helps mask the bitter taste of the resin. Shilajit’s use as a powerful amplifier makes it perfect for making herbal formulations. Ashwagandha, Tribulus, Ginseng, and other well-known Ayurvedic herbs combine well with shilajit to enhance herbal efficacy.

There is no hard rule that you should avoid mixing shilajit with other substances. Neither is it necessary that you should take it on an empty stomach. It is sound advice not to take it with food, just like other supplements so that the digestive tract can focus more on breaking down and absorbing the nutritive components of shilajit.

You can combine it with your favorite drink, be it tea, coffee, juice, or shakes. As for tea and coffee, add the resin when the water has cooled off. Do not add the resin while the water is freshly boiling. Remember, the bioactives are heat sensitive and will lose efficacy or destroy some of the wonderful bioactives if the water is too hot.

Many people are incorporating shilajit into juice drinks and adding it into healthy fruit and vegetable shakes. Some are experimenting with lattes and chilled coffee.

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How long does shilajit take to work? Most people who use Shilajit report remarkable effects after a day or two of use, while there are people who reported the effects after a week or two
How does shilajit make you feel? Shilajit also has a calming effect on your body.
What happens if you take too much shilajit? Shilajit may increase the body’s production of uric acid and, in turn, worsen conditions such as gout.
What does shilajit do for the body? Macro and trace elements in shilajit have a positive effect on the musculoskeletal, circulatory and nervous systems of the body.
Can I take shilajit everyday? Shilajit is safe for everyday use and can be taken for as long as you want.


Can shilajit be taken long term?

You can take shilajit for a long time. It is safe. After a long course of taking it, you can take a break. If you take shilajit for 3 weeks continuously, pause for 1 week. Then resume taking it. If you have been taking it for 4 months, remain for 1 month.

What happens if we take shilajit daily?

Since shilajit has a lot of fulvic acids, there are potent antioxidants and it serves as an anti-inflammatory, it can still protect cells from damage. When shilajit is consumed regularly, it promotes longevity, slows down the aging process and improves the body’s overall health.

How long does it take to see results from shilajit?

It depends on the quality of the shilajit and the individual — most people who use pure shilajit resin notice a positive effect after a few days of use.

What happens if you take too much shilajit?

Shilajit Pürblack has no side effects, but you should not take it more than we recommend. It does not make sense because exceeding the dosage will not give an over impact.