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Shilajit Side Effects

Shilajit, a nutrient-rich biomass known to rejuvenate a body and destroy weakness. Shilajit in many ancient medicinal texts is revered by many as an effective nutrient transporter and an energizer. Farmers who frequented high altitudes used it to deal with fatigue, it also may help with altitude sickness.  It is claimed to have palliative properties while men used it as an aphrodisiac and help improve fertility. Myths would say that there is no curable disease that can be addressed without the use of shilajit and that shilajit can extend life for centuries if taken in proper quantity and quality.

Recent scientific studies validate the advantages of shilajit, but we are nowhere near learning everything about this wonderful substance. Expect its therapeutic effects from pure and bonafide sources and you need to make sure what you have is real.

What can high-quality shilajit do for you?  Some people have found it to help maintain optimal blood sugar level, lower stress and lessen fatigue. Pain is one thing that it is also helpful with regular use. Many users report that it helps them manage a healthy response to pain better and there is evidence that taking shilajit may support wound and bone healing. One thing is clear is that this substance appears to offer solace to many who need to heal their bodies and peace to their minds.

If you consume a counterfeit source, you run the risk of side effects and not experiencing the benefits. You need to learn how to spot genuine shilajit as most US-marketed products are deceptive even if they label their products authentic. It does not matter if the label mentions, the Himalayas, Siberia, Tibet, Germany or even Norway if it does not come in its natural state or when the company cannot back authenticity claim. 

Shilajit Side Effects

Side effects are not of concern if you are using pure, genuine shilajit like Pürblack. Studies show and verified how safe it is for extended use and there is evidence supporting that safety in relation to blood chemistry which may tell us if it affects healthy kidney and liver function. The side effects of shilajit were discussed in tests with pregnant mice subjects to see if it affected gestation and has any teratogenic effect. The fact that it has been used for centuries speaks volumes about its safety.  The side effects will likely come shilajit which is not genuine. 

Shilajit Powder

The harmful ones that are likely to cause adverse effects to your health will come in powder and tincture forms. Some would argue that by making it into powder it is more flexible, and more usable allowing people to utilize it the same way we use powdered milk. We can add them into capsules or turn them into tablets doing away with the pungent smell and taste pure varieties have – no more measuring too. But why do this when it comes from nature as an exudate?

Powders are often a soil extraction sold as shilajit. This is the reason why most powder varieties will come cheaper than the resin. Some people think that more is better but in this case, more may mean less of the actual thing.

Many counterfeit products may contain very high levels of heavy metals: lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury. These can cause kidney and liver damage and make other health conditions worse. Instead of extending life, it shortens it, certainly not the goal for one who is using shilajit in the first place. It is one of the rarest substances in the world. It takes decades, even centuries to form naturally. it is difficult to obtain, not to mention costly to process appropriately.  Always be mindful if a seller claims that their shilajit is a herb, it is certainly not. By the time shilajit bearing rock is ready for harvest, it is not an herb anymore. 

Products claiming to be shilajit are either imitations, which contain little to no shilajit and contain non-beneficial and harmful fillers. Claimed high amounts of fulvic acid in shilajit are generally a problem, as what matters for shilajit are ashless humic acids. Fulvic acid levels can be spiked with cheap fertilizer. 

So you ask why is shilajit sold as a powder? Profit. Nothing is more powerful than greed to most people that some would cut corners and employ shady tactics to deliver something so coveted like shilajit into the market. But when corners are cut, quality nosedives.

Side Effect of Shilajit Capsules

As mentioned above, there are no adverse effects associated with purified shilajit, but counterfeits may cause harmful effects. Some alternatives to resin and powder are in capsule or pill form. This variety likely contains the powdered variety. A pill is undoubtedly convenient than having to dissolve the resin but, again, we do not know the additives mixed into or whether there is actual shilajit in it. You do not know what has been added by the manufacturer. You have to take the word of the manufacturer in this case.

Raw Shilajit

We discourage buying and eating shilajit from flea markets in rural India. In its unpurified state, it may be contaminated with heavy metals that can cause severe ailments to you. It may also contain micro-organisms harmful to your gut. The unpurified raw material is exposed to environmental contaminants thus, it needs to be purified. Companies selling them as purified should be able to tell you their source and offer proof that it is contaminant-free. 

Genuine and Pure Shilajit

Popularity and excessive demand have led to poor manufacturing practices as companies seek a less costly alternative. The lack of regulation in the space makes the condition worse since nobody is monitoring the sale and entry of the substance into the market and the lack of standards regarding sourcing and purification make things difficult. Buyer beware! 

When assessing authenticity, look at the form. Shilajit has a tar-like consistency with multiple documents transparently posted by the manufacturer, reputation supported by numerous customers and ethics of the vendor and normally It will never come off as a powder or tincture form. 

Tread carefully before consuming this product and be sure to do your research. Websites like Livestrong have articles that talks about the dangers of consuming shilajit especially without any prior knowledge of what it is. There is nothing wrong, as a consumer and seeker of a healthier lifestyle change, to ask questions. At Pürblack, we are always open to inquiries, and you can contact us via the contact us form on our website. Transparency is important to us. Read the contents cautiously to ensure that you are making an informed decision. Any manufacturer that makes multiple over-exaggerated claims is one to be skeptical of. 

To recap, remember the following when you are in the market for shilajit:

  • Shilajit is a remarkable source of nutrients and bioactive components used for centuries in Asian regions as a powerful rejuvenator boosting strength, energy and for giving solace to mind and body.
  • Pure and genuine products will not cause any side effects. They do not occur in nature as a powder of liquid either.
  • Imitations in powder and tinctures, as well as the ones in capsule and tablets, are likely to contain additives that may cause side effects. Be vigilant and be cautious. Ask for proof of authenticity and chemical analysis. Any reputable company will provide the information. 

Pürblack Live Resin

Consider Pürblack Live Resin for pure and genuine shilajit. Pürblack supersedes other traditional sources available in the market in efficacy. Our patented purification process enables allows processing without damaging any essential nutrients and complex bioactive components. Our 4th generation resin now contains True Gold and Silver to support healthy brain function and joint health. 

Pürblack recommends 250mg to 500mg of resin dissolved in a glass of water, milk, tea, coffee or any that you prefer. You can roll the resin into a pill and ingest it too. Dosage depends depending on lifestyle, weight and medical conditions. 

Pürblack care about their customers. We would love to know what you are thinking! For any inquiries, questions, and concerns, contact Pürblack customer support.