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Frequently Asked Questions

They are technically the same raw material, known in English as Mineral Pitch.

Shilajit is the term used in Ayurvedic medicine. Mumie is the term used in Soviet medicine, supported by dozens of studies in the use, composition and qualities of Mineral Pitch.

Historically Shilajit is obtained from the Himalayas. Mumie is obtained from Siberian Mountains. Chemically the composition of both is extremely similar. Clinically, the applications are almost identical. The claim that Shilajit is superior to Moomiyo is unsupported by any scientific or clinical evidence.

Due to the current popularity of Ayurveda in the USA, and the openness of India to westerners for the last 50 years Shilajit has become popularized. While, the Soviet Union remained inaccessible to westerners due to the political situation and the remoteness of Siberia, Mumie was little known outside of Eastern Europe.

Some companies are simply exploiting the popularity of Ayurveda and the term Shilajit and the obscurity of Russian Holistic Medicine and its use of Mumie. Shilajit and Mumie are simply two foreign words used to describe a categorically identical substance with similar processing.

Consider as an example the English, French, and Italian term for Water. English – Water, French – Eau, Italian – Acqua, each of these terms represent the same substance even though the substance might differ or vary in quality and composition slightly depending on the area of origin.

Any legitimate manufacturer’s Certificate of Analysis will indicate extremely similar composition between Mumie and Shilajit.

Pürblack is unique compared to all other available Shilajit or mumie available in North America, because we utilize an improved, patent-pending, low temperature, high purity refining process, which permits Pürblack to retain the broad range of naturally occurring constituents, some of which are lost or destroyed with traditional processing methods that utilize high heat, or acids, or open to environmental contamination and oxidation. Pürblack Live Resin is made from the same raw material as any high-end Shilajit or Mumie.

We control everything from the management, research and development, mining, processing protocols, and importation to distribution. This allows us comprehensive quality control and transparency of documentation and the ability to offer a better value to the consumer, unlike the companies that do not operate a complete manufacturing – distribution cycle.

We charge a very fair price, for the quality of the product provided. One is purchasing an elite genuine product of an entirely different class than that available from suppliers of powders and resins of unverified sources or processing. The daily recommended Pürblack Resin dosage is low, and its effectiveness superior, so the per serving cost is low in relation to the amount used, and effects experienced.

The cost per 10 grams of Pürblack is less than $30, which is almost half the cost of other Shilajit resin on the market. Pürblack chooses to offer better value for a superior product. We can do this because we control and manage the mining, the processing, importation, wholesaling and retailing. In comparison to other companies, we feature comprehensive Certificates of Analysis and disclose our patent data. We offer cutting edge Live Resin in a undenatured form.

Weight and Cost
0.5 gram – $1.5
0.4 gram – $1.2
0.3 gram – $0.9
0.2 gram – $0.6
0.1 gram – $0.3

The amount of Pürblack Live Resin (or any genuine high-end shilajit, mumie or other form of mineral pitch resin) you should take each day depends upon two factors: your body’s weight, and its need (because of depletion) for the nutrients available from the resin. Generally, an effective daily dose will be between 0.1 and 0.5 gram. The simplest way to measure is to take about a pea size dose of resin daily.
Following are minimum recommended doses for adults, based on body weight.

Under 150 lbs – 0.1 gram
150-175 lbs – 0.2 gram
175-195 lbs – 0.3 gram
195-215 lbs – 0.4 gram
Over 235 lbs – 0.5 gram

We recommend to experiment, to find your ideal dosage. Start with the minimum dose for your weight (according the table just above) and increase by 0.1 g every day to the total of 0.5 gram. Observe your results as you make these increases, note the dosage which seems to produce the best daily results. The day when you felt the best will correspond to your ideal dosage. From this day on consume the ideal dosage you have established or simply take a pea sized ball of resin.

Any, Mineral Pitch Resin, Shilajit and Mumie meant for human consumption are safe for pets, as long as they feature comprehensive certificates of analysis.
The dose for a large pet would be less than 0.5 grams daily, with smaller doses for smaller pets.

No, it is not. Genuine Shilajit and Mumie naturally occurs in Resin form. It must be altered to convert it into powdered form. Most powders sold in the US as Shilajit are not pure Shilajit – they are either synthesized imitations, or contain a small amount of Mineral Pitch (Shilajit, Mumie, Salajeet), processed into a powder form and mixed with fulvic acid fertilizer, inexpensive fillers, or both.