Live Shilajit Enhanced With Pure Gold

Shilajit Live Resin® by Pürblack™
assists your body in reaching its maximum potential.
Pürblack™ outperforms all conventionally
made Shilajit and Mumie resins
in quality and efficacy.

US Patent: 10.130.656
USPTO application: 16/167.200

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What is shilajit resin?

Shilajit is a biogenic stimulant naturally made from fermented medicinal plants. Plants, mostly medicinal, are naturally gathered in the mountain crevices. It takes no less than forty years for the plants to ferment naturally, and produce metabolites and other biologically active substances. This fermentation takes place under specific atmospheric conditions as: solar radiation, extreme change of temperatures, high altitudes, presence medicinal plants, precipitation. This organic wonder of nature turns into a raw material known as shilajit, bearing rocks. These rocks are collected and purified, artisanally made into Shilajit resin.

Shilajit is a powerhouse of nutrients, natural elements, and biologically active organic substances that the human body can easily assimilate. Authentic and genuine shilajit quickly shifts human chemistry towards health and longevity. A known active ingredient in shilajit is ashless humic acid. It is difficult to say who fully identified the origins and discovery of shilajit. Himalayan natives usually get the recognition for the discovery of shilajit resin, but anecdotal evidence shows that locals around the Altai mountain ranges have been using the substance earlier. They called it mumie.


How to take shilajit

How To Take Shilajit


Pürblack continues to improve its formulation and is now in its 4th generation resin. Other brands are still on the 2nd generation. Our elite resin outperforms all other authentic resins in efficacy. Pürblack is a choice of world class athletes, and reputable physicians.


  • Gold content over 100PPM (US Patent:10,130,656 Application: 16/167,200)
  • Supports high IQ development due to high gold content
  • Supports joint wellness due to high gold content
  • All benefits unique to high-end genuine shilajit resins and powders.
  • Unique benefits available only to Pürblack Live Resin.
  • Consistently pure, safe, and high efficacy resin.
  • Produced under American patent-pending technology.
  • Manufacturing fully controlled by a US company.


Natural benefits

Pürblack Shilajit Health Benefits


  • FDA requirements COMPLIANT. Comprehensive, transparent, testing. Prior notice filings.
  • Certificate of Analysis and Independent testing are public.
  • Passes all authenticity tests for Pürblack Live Resin, Shilajit and Mumie.
  • Tested for safety and purity. Each batch tested in independent US labs.
  • Each jar has a permanent individual serial number matching the content.
  • Highest level of protection against counterfeits from India and Russia.


Shilajit benefits

Safety, Authenticity and Transparency


  • Unique texture. The resin can be rolled into pills for fast swallowing.
  • Packaging technology allows for 100% resin usability.
  • Dissolves perfectly in any liquid or beverage.
  • Convenient dissolution with the patent-pending device, Pürscale.
  • Travel friendly jar.


thank you purscale

Pürscale by Pürblack


Pürblack Live Resin is the only resin in the planet manufactured under the utility patent 13/856,440 – Mineral Pitch Resin Manufactured Under The Safe And Low-Temperature Procedure. Our patent allows us to create a resin closest to nature, preserving all nutrients innate in the resin. Our process not only allows the retention of nutrients and minerals, it preserves all quality fulvic and humic acids, vitamins, enzymes, tocopherols, bioflavonoids, antioxidants, and metabolites that make mineral pitch special.




Pürblack is committed to transparency and discloses all laboratory results establishing the authenticity and safety of our Live Resin line of products. We fully disclose the names of the third-party laboratories that have tested the resin, of both foreign and domestic origins, and the date and time the tests were conducted. We update our authenticity and safety certificates yearly.




Pürblack will ship its Live Resin products to most countries through its ever-growing network of distributors. We highly recommend purchasing directly from Pü or through our distributors to avoid counterfeits and fakes.

Get your jar through our list of authorized distributors.
We also offer our Pürblack Live Resin in under the name Adaptive Energy LLC.

Consumer Warning: Do not purchase Pürblack Live Resin products online from any private party or company not listed above or when not verified by Pürblack as a distributor or seller. If you think that you received a counterfeit Pürblack Live Resin, send us an email with a photo of the jar information, including your receipts and where you have purchased it. We will immediately conduct an investigation to ascertain if your jar is counterfeit or not. Pürblack highly values your health and safety and takes matters like counterfeiting seriously.




Pürblack supports healthy bodily function and allows the user to achieve his optimum best. High-quality resin provides your body with rare microminerals, metabolites and powerful antioxidant-mimicking natural substances. Regenerative properties are perhaps one of the top benefits of Pürblack. Traditional Ayurvedic practices utilized mineral pitch for “rebuilding” the human body in a healthy, holistic way.

Effective Weight Management

When properly processed, shilajit helps the body utilize food more efficiently. When managing weight, it can help increase calories burned to allow the user to reach weight loss goals more quickly.

Healthy Inflammation & Immune Response

Pürblack supports healthy immune response. Shilajit was traditionally used by practitioners as a nutritive supplement for immune health. It:

  • Stimulates a healthy response to inflammation
  • Supports a healthy lifestyle against the inflammatory effects

Natural substances found in the resin demonstrate antioxidant properties that support healthy and graceful aging.

Healthy Bone Marrow And Blood

Pürblack resin supports the formation of healthy, mineral-rich bone marrow responsible for producing healthy blood cells in charge of transporting oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Other Pürblack benefits include wholesome blood sugar support through healthy insulin production, and promotion of proper heart function.


Pürblack builds resilience against physical and mental stressors. It keeps the mind and emotions calm and balanced throughout the day. Many Pürblack users report feeling being grounded, relaxed, better focused, and less susceptible to emotional challenges.

Pürblack shilajit is adapts your body and mind to stressors and helps you counter them.

FDA Disclaimer:

The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Performance Enhancer, Naturally

Pürblack resin offers a pronounced adaptogenic effect on the body without the side effects of feeling a “burnt out.” Overall performance is improved when incorporating shilajit resin to your daily lifestyle routine and in fitness training.

Combining shilajit with herbal plants like mushrooms and ashwagandha is an old Ayurvedic practice still being used today to augment the benefits of each component.


Shilajit , also called mineral pitch, mumijo, or mumie, is highly regarded in Ayurveda and has a long history of use. Shilajit resin was thought to have been discovered in the high mountains of the Himalayas but anecdotal reports show that natives who climb the mountain ranges of Altai and Siberia have been using it for earlier and where it was referred to as mumie. It is considered as a supreme health substance in Ayurvedic practice. The health benefits of shilajit are well-documented, and Pürblack is committed to bringing these benefits to the market through a high-quality and high-efficacy resin that is closest to what is found in nature.

Traditionally, practitioners used it to support strong health, as well as to tone and strengthen the body. Modern science, to an extent, confirms and validates much of the knowledge of the properties holistic practitioners have known and used from antiquity. Shilajit’s well-established health benefits extend over a wide range, from its potent antioxidant properties to its use as a powerful aid in tissue regeneration.

Adaptable Sleep

Pürblack has a multidirectional effect on the quality of sleep-and-wake states of the body. It aids the mind and body in handling sleep deprivation and disturbances in sleep patterns.

Diminishes Jet Lag

Pürblack boosts the body’s natural ability to adapt to changes to your circadian rhythms.

Herbs Amplified

Shilajit was used in Ayurvedic practice to improve the efficacy of different herbs like Ashwagandha. It also stimulates your body to help control the effects of tolerance development — where the effectivity of other substances is greatly diminished.


Pürblack resin is easy to use. Simply scoop a pea-sized ball of resin from the jar, then dissolve it in a glass of distilled water or your favorite beverage. Our patented Pürscale device allows your servings to be more precise, and dissolution easier, as well as making pills on the go. The resin dissolves entirely without residue. Milk and herbal teas can also be used. Water or beverage temperature should not be too hot as the extreme heat may disable the metabolites present in the resin. Consume immediately.

You can also take shilajit in by swallowing the resin directly. Swallow or dissolve a pea-sized ball of resin in your mouth. Authentic resin has a unique, earthy, and herbal taste, something that many people get used to quickly. For how long we can take shilajit, depends entirely on your lifestyle, your activity level, your medical predispositions if any, if you have conditions.


Our patented Pürscale device allows more accurate measurements of resin per dose, as well as making resin drops on the go, and dissolving the resin better in beverages, without waste of time and resin. It is made in the USA from surgical grade steel. If used properly with your shilajit it will last a lifetime.




Pürblack recommends 250mg – 500mg of resin taken once or twice daily, ideally on an empty stomach. The minimum amount of Pürblack serving is 100mg. For children, 50mg to 100mg taken daily is enough. A higher shilajit resin dosage may work best depending on the reason for intake. It is best to consult your health advisor or contact us directly for advice on how much you need for optimum benefit.

Supplement cycling intake works well with Pürblack. You can take a 3-4 day break after each jar if this is preferred.




Shilajit is a biogenic stimulant made from fermented medicinal plants. It is a unique substance revered in Ayurveda and Eastern European Hollistic Tradition, and has a long history of use. Only in the last few decades has science able to decode some of the unique benefits associated with its use. We are nowhere near to uncovering every single benefit that can be had from the resin. Scientific studies and small-scale human trials have been conducted and have shed light on the many properties that make mineral pitch useful to human health. Bear in mind that only purified shilajit was used in all of these tests, not powder and certainly not those shilajit capsules. Only purified resin will offer any substantial health benefits.




Many studies have validated the claims of shilajit, although we are barely on the surface in learning everything about the substance. Natural and pure mineral pitch does not pose any shilajit side effects, although care should be taken if you are allergic to some of the bioactives present in the resin. In one study, consistent use of mineral pitch did not alter blood chemistry parameters, nor did it affect organ function. Various scientific studies add merit to the claim that it is safe for regular use.

Concerns arise when using imitations, usually in powder, capsulized, and watered down varieties. Although some fillers and additives are harmless, and unnecessarily placed to boost weight, there are reports of shilajit powder containing heavy metals that could be detrimental to your body.

Shilajit needs to be purified. Consuming it in its raw form is greatly discouraged as it is not suitable for consumption. Studies also support the claim that only purified shilajit resin yields any of the benefits associated with the resin. We urge everyone to ask sellers for certifications proving the authenticity of the product and that it is free from heavy metals and microbial contamination.




Over 95% of “shilajit supplements” in the market are imitations containing little to no genuine substance, sold in a powdered form, or turned into shilajit capsules. Real Shilajit, as it was described in Charaka Samhita, was always a resin. The same substance known as Mumie used in the North by Siberian natives was always in resin form as well.

Powdered varieties usually get their bioactives from soil extractions with some actual resin added to them. Fillers are generally used to give the pretense of having more while keeping the price down. Various terms like “natural” or “organic” are usually in the label. However, what you want to know is whether the resin is genuine and properly purified.

The manufacturers hype the origins too by claiming that it is “Himalayan Shilajit” or “Nepali Shilajit,” as an attempt to add legitimacy. It is impossible to ascertain the truth unless the manufacturer or marketers video documented and geo tagged the material from the collection point all the way to packaging it.

Those manufacturers also tend to overemphasize fulvic acid content, an ingredient found in soils and used in fertilizer. When it comes to efficacy, fulvic acid depends significantly on the source. Fulvic acid extracted from soil remains substandard, as compared to that contained in shilajit. Furthermore, what makes Pürblack unique are its ashless humic acids, and not merely its fulvic acid content.




Is Shilajit Safe?

Pürblack Shilajit resin is safe. It does not contain any chemicals, preservatives, fillers and binders, and artificial substances, ingredients that may cause allergies like soy, nuts, gluten, and dairy.

What Is Shilajit Made Of?

Shilajit resin is made of medicinal plants which naturally ferment for at least 40 years. Plants, mostly medicinal, stay in rock crevices, and under specific atmospheric conditions, the plants naturally ferment with time, producing a potent herbo-mineral material.

Is Shilajit Vegan Safe?

Yes. Shilajit resin does not contain any meat, fish, dairy, and poultry additives. It does not contain silicone, BHP, flavorings, colorings, solvents, and alcohol.


Is Shilajit Safe?