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Sheila What? It’s an amazing substance! But how exactly do you pronounce shilajit? A natural substance known for its potential health benefits, shilajit has gained […]

Ever thought of the benefits of Ashwagandha and shilajit together? Both of these herbals are powerful in their own right, but what happens if you combine them together? In this article, we discussed the benefits of these powerful supplements, and why you should definitely use both together.

Find yourself having trouble turning shilajit into a ball? Not sure if you are taking the right amount? We totally understand. It can be a challenge to get the right dose with a resin. and you just want to get it right. In this article, we discuss how best to take shilajit, what you need to consider for optimum benefit, and lastly how long you should take it for positive results! We even have dosages for your pets!

Many Yoga practitioners use shilajit not only for the clean energy it provides but also for the focus and calming benefits. This makes it the perfect superfood for the yoga practitioner in you! In this article, see how Purblack shilajit supports your body doing yoga, and how it can improve your experience.

You probably heard of shilajit powder, but did you know that powders are widely counterfeited? In this article, we explain the difference between powder and resin, how to spot red flags in a shilajit product and why you should consider the resin type first and foremost for optimum quality and authenticity over a powdered version.