Juice like a Superhuman With Pürblack Shilajit Live Resin

Shilajit infused green juice for superhuman power

Being able to cast orbs of energy from my palms at will is definitely part of my long term goals with all this health stuff. At least this is what comes to mind when I hear the word superhuman. Though, being superhuman is just that, acting like a totally superhuman. For me, this entails treating all those around you with kindness, compassion, and non-judgment. It’s easy to be a selfish, aggressive jerk, but adhering to a code of conduct is much more challenging. It is the path of the warrior. Given the brutal tendency of life to chew us up & spit us out, we can use all the help we can in order to assist us in maintaining this journey on the High Road. Using the right combination of ingredients in tandem with our premium shilajit can be a highly effective go-to when you need to get through a particularly gnarly day.

Start with a base of almond nut mylk. Make sure the almonds (and everything else you put in the juice) are either organic or from a trusted source. Besides just being delightful to the palate, almonds also contain loads of protein & healthy fats that will provide the meat for your juice. Ensure that you are getting quality nut mylk, as improperly prepared almonds can contain enzyme inhibitors that hamper digestion. 

Next you will want a bunch of Dino Kale, a serious powerhouse of leafy green Godliness. Kale juice contributes vitamins A, C, E, K, B1, B2, & B3, as well as fatty acids, minerals, and a plethora of cholesterol-lowering & cancer-fighting compounds. This wondrous veggie adds broad spectrum nutrition to your juice that touches on virtually every facet of your physiology. Shilajit will boost its qualities too.

Turmeric & ginger come next and offer some rather extraordinary talent. Ginger juice stokes the digestive fires and increases blood flow to the intestines & capillaries. Additionally, it kills unfriendly microbes, boosts mood/mental clarity and gets rid of any nausea you may experience from drinking too much green juice. Legends state that the revered philosopher Confucious consumed ginger root after every meal. Turmeric is perhaps the most kick-ass spice in the world, stealing the limelight for its potent anti-inflammatory personality. Besides imbuing that magical Indian curry taste that we all know and love (if you don’t like curry there is probably something wrong with your brain), turmeric has a host of other benefits. It boosts brain function, provides antioxidant support, and acts as a prophylactic for heart disease and cancer. One bioactive substance known as aromatic turmerone can increase the growth of neural stem cells by up to 80%!

The only thing we are missing now is green apple! Too much sugar is bad and will contribute to Candida overgrowth & diabetes. Your personal level of physical activity will help you determine how much sugar you require in your diet. Just the right amount, however, not only balances the flavors in the juice but provides you with an immediate enjoyable burst of energy! See how fun juicing can be? Taking food that varies wildly in their nutritional profiles and combining the juices with Pürblack Live Resin Shilajit can indeed make you a superhuman! Pürblack shilajit will amplify your juice better than any highest quality shilajit. If with just shilajit you get just good juice that turns you into a healthier human. The juice amplified with Pürblack shilajit is a tool on the way to be a SUPERHUMAN.