3 Secret Yoga Benefits of Shilajit by Pürblack

shilajit and yoga are potent duos.

You probably already read our previous article that described the connection between yoga, Ayurveda and shilajit. If you did not, you can read” “Yogis take shilajit, super-yogis take Pürblack” here. If the previous one was somewhat general explaining the connection and how our Live resin qualifies as a Sattvic substance, in this post, we focus on concrete yogic benefits.

Now, are these benefits really secret? The answer is yes and no. Here we’ll talk about things that most super yogis will not share with you publicly and will never admit to. We’ll also explain how what they do differently allows for a better, stronger, practice body, mind and where shilajit comes in to improve yoga practice.

Secret #1. They know more, and they’ll use it to their benefit. Super yogis, who seem to enjoy better health, stability, and practice are regular people. Even though their bodies and brains are the same as everybody else, their mind and knowledge are different.

They know how to do less yoga and smarter; they have radically different views on life and practice, and they clearly take very different substances to support themselves. The aristocracy of Yoga takes Pürblack Live Resin Shilajit exactly for this reason. They are aware of what to take to transform in who they are.

Secret # 2. They stay on the path of yoga due to the developed immunity to the fluctuations of the mind. There are multiple definitions of what yoga is. Some definitions are more spiritual than the other ones. Yoga described often as a yoke between the mind and the body, as a union between the mind and the body and the removal of the fluctuations of the mind.

The latter comes from yoga sutras by Patanjali. All these definitions are hard to understand to a modern person as they were coined thousands of years ago in a culture foreign to the modern Western world. One can nevertheless relate to them. A fluctuation of the mind is a distraction to any conscious and focused cognitive or mental process required to complete a task or an objective.

As Westerners, we do think in terms of goals and tasks. Willpower, cognitive functions, memory, thought processes are all governed by our brain and the health of our bodies. It is impossible to maintain a healthy brain-body function without a routine of substances supporting such health.

Pürblack comes handy in this case. It is an outstanding nootropic that significantly improves how the brain functions. It is safe, natural and has no side effects. (Author’s note: nootropics are intelligence enhancers. They can be synthetic as well as natural. Pürblack falls into the category of natural ones). There are multiple herbs used along the way such as Gotu Cola and Holy Basil. As a result, the yogi taking Pürblack is always calmer and more focused in their daily life and practice.

Secret #3. They put in less effort and get more results. You will probably ask: How is this even possible? There are two aspects to this. The first one is, of course, THE SKILL. Years of experience and practice trial and error do the job. On the other hand, it is Sattvic foods and ayurvedic practices.

In the previous blog post, we wrote about Shilajit being a supreme healing substance in Ayurveda and eastern European holistic medicine. The yogis achieve to results simultaneously, by using the best available shilajit with appropriate high-quality herbs.

Now dear reader it is important to understand this trick of the super yogis. Why is it that they put in less effort and get more results? All the processes in the body require two things energy and building materials to regenerate.

It is a known scientific fact that consumption of genuine high-quality mineral pitch resins (known as shilajit or moomiyo) lets the human body generate more energy than it otherwise would. Another known scientific fact is that high-end mineral pitch aka shilajit, greatly speeds up tissue regeneration processes in the body. Tissue regeneration is one of the most intensive processes in the human body.

During the process of intense yoga practice, a couple of things happen. First, the body and the brain require greater than usual amounts of energy to perform asanas. The second there are multiple micro-tears in the soft tissue of the body and microfractures in the bones. Even though these injuries are minuscule, the body still needs time to repair them and to create better and stronger tissue as a replacement.

High-end shilajit substantially adds to tissue regeneration and energy production. All this results in a better practice with higher quality results in terms of the tissue created. The reason the tissue is better is that the super yogis who take Pürblack can come back to the practice much better without being susceptible to injury. They also need to do less because their energy levels are higher and more sustainable.

If you are serious about yoga practice most likely, you will be taking on a regular basis. Remember that most shilajit on the market is counterfeit. Nowadays it is even the case for the resins. Please make sure to take only the highest quality resin, where the company is transparent in presenting comprehensive laboratory tests and complies with the FDA legal requirements. Make sure that your resin is closest to nature and highest efficacy, make sure to choose Pürblack Shilajit.