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Our Mission

Pürblack® is made in the USA from the finest natural ingredients and cutting-edge formulations. We aim to enhance health, happiness, and productivity, striving for our products to reach every health-focused household. We're inviting passionate affiliates to join us in spreading the word.

Pursuit of Pür Excellence:

We prioritize excellence, delivering premium products superior to all others. Our core product, Pürblack Live Resin® is backed by US patents and offers significant health benefits. We also manufacture White Rabbit® the world’s first 6th generation shilajit resin, Pepts® targeted short-chain peptides; and Coated Silver® the safest and most effective colloidal silver on the market.

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Making Money as an Affiliate:

Our products are reassuringly expensive - which means affiliates earn reassuringly high commissions!

Earn up to 25% commission with a tiered structure that grows with your success. Accepted affiliates receive a free starter pack worth $200, ongoing discounts, a unique affiliate link, and a discount code.

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