The Pürblack Difference. A Word on the Taste of Shilajit, Mumie and Salajeet Resins.


All Mineral Pitch Resins (Shilajit, Mumijo, Mumie, etc) as long as they are genuine have a distinctive taste and smell. People tasting the resin for the first time get absolutely different associations, which usually are a cultural experience-based.

Traditionally, the problem with genuine resins was that they were hard to dissolve. The way the issue was solved in particular with high-quality shilajit resins was to dissolve it in hot drinks. This renders some of the heat-sensitive compounds inactive, diminishing the benefits. Pürblack shilajit, due to unique, patent-pending manufacturing technology is much easier to dissolve in water, which does not have to be hot. We recommend the water, which is lukewarm, closer to natural body temperature.

The resin properly dissolved in sufficient amounts of water or any drink tastes like an herbal tea. The beverage should not be too hot, in order to preserve all of the active compounds of this live product. It takes about 3 to 5 min of stirring to dissolve in lukewarm water.

The confirmed benefits of the shilajit resin are indicated by the herbal, medicinal taste. For example, these are the few effects, Pürblack will have on you:

  • Normalize circadian sleep-wake cycle. You will get sleepy naturally and will get expedited regeneration during sleep. You will observe this in about 6-7 days of taking Pürblack.
  • Fix up micro and macro damage in the body, which you may have from prior sports or accident injuries. This depends on the type and severity of the injury. Effects can be felt in 5 to 20 days.
  • The resin has been shown to support bone health. It has been demonstrated to quicken the repair of bone fractures by 18 to 20 days and to increase the strength of the bone by 2.2 times.
  • Manage your response to daily stress and anxiety. You will notice in about 10-15 days that you have more tolerance to stress.
  • Will improve your overall mental and physical performance. The improved performance will be noticed in 3-7 days.

These effects and many others are verified by rigorous scientific research. You can learn more at the Science section of

In order for the resin to be efficient for you, you have to identify your ideal dose. Instructions can be found in the F.A.Q. section of our website under: How much should I take. Get your jar today by visiting the Pürblack Store.