What Does Shilajit Taste and Smell Like: A Word on the Taste of Shilajit, Mumie and Salajeet Resins

The Pürblack Difference. A Word on the Taste of Shilajit, Mumie and Salajeet Resins.

Shilajit (also mumiyo, mumie, moomiyo, bragshun) is better known today as mineral pitch resin. It has been used for centuries to improve people’s health.

Shilajit is a phytocomplex that consists of mineral-rich plant components undergoing various stages of decomposition. Combined with humic and fulvic acids, shilajit is packed with almost all elements known to be beneficial to human health.

However, it’s not easy to become accustomed to the taste of shilajit. In fact, you must first overcome its physical attributes, including the appearance and smell of shilajit. Otherwise, it will become a constant hindrance in harnessing its potential health benefits.

How can you tell if shilajit is real?

You may have taken shilajit before but didn’t particularly mind its physical presentation. Chances are, shilajit’s appearance, taste, and smell didn’t bother you at all – which it should. That is, only if you’re dealing with authentic shilajit.

Here’s a quick rundown of the physical characteristics of real, unadulterated shilajit.

How does real shilajit look like?

True shilajit can only be in resin form. Shilajit powders, tablets, pills, drops, and tinctures are fake! It’s possible these may contain active components of shilajit but these can only be present in very low amounts unlikely to impact your health in good ways.

Real shilajit will solidify or soften depending on ambient temperature. In colder environments, it will harden. In warmer climates, it will turn into a softer state. Its color will range from dark red to pitch black.

Pürblack exhibits all of these properties.

How does shilajit smell?

Expect a complex, layered smell. Real shilajit will have a distinctive smell to it. Most identify it as having an earthy and herbal character.

People sometimes even describe its smelling notes to have similarities with the smoky and woody aroma of whisky.

How does shilajit taste like?

Shilajit has a complex taste. The taste of shilajit takes some getting used to for sure. The taste for shilajit is acquired. Properly diluted shilajit tastes earthy, pungent, and herbal. If one was to think into the taste of shilajit one could recognize hundreds of different herbal tones. Poorly processed shilajit smells repugunant . Shilajit like Purblack which are exceptionally processed and purified taste and smell quite pleasant.

Does shilajit taste bad? That will be quite subjective. However, you can do so many things to improve how it tastes.

Add Shilajit to your morning beverage. You may also dissolve it in lukewarm tea or coffee. Children love to have shilajit with their milk or cocoa. You may also add honey to add natural sweetness to cancel out its naturally bitter taste. Diluted in larger amount of water the tast of shilajit almost disappeared.

Is shilajit sweet? Shilajit is sour and make color of its own when we melt with water or milk. It has a very intense, not very pleasant odor.
What does shilajit smell like? Pure shilajit has an intense and distinctive smell: pungent and almost tar-like, sometimes like asphaltum odor.
Can I mix shilajit with coffee? High-quality shilajit such as Pürblack allows you to get much more juice for your squeeze from all sorts of substances, including coffee
Can I add Shilajit to green tea? For better digestion, you can mix shilajit with your favorite drink. If the drink of choice for you is a green tea – then mix it with a green tea.