Myths about Shilajit

ashwagandha and shilajit

The internet is full of claims promising magical herbs that cure many ailments. Shilajit is presented as a cure-all. But any critical mind should be suspicious when hearing declarations like these about Shilajit. They may not be close to the truth. From helping boost one’s immune system to curing impotence, Shilajit is a wonder medicine of sorts. But how far is it from the truth? We will have to look deeply into the myths and speculations surrounding the resin and whether it is a scam or is there’s actual substance to the many claims.

A Cure-All

Charaka Samhita is the fundamental text in Ayurvedic medicine. According to Charaka, there is no curable disease which can be cured without the use of shilajit. A very bold claim indeed and certainly difficult for us now to ascertain if this claim has any truth to it.  Along with TCM, Ayurveda is highly respected all over the world, thus we refrain from making any affirmative or negative statement regarding this claim.

Extending Life for Centuries

A myth about health elongation surrounds Shilajit. It is believed that a weight of 7 pounds adds a hundred human years, 10 times more would add a millennium to one’s life. But nobody lives forever and certainly, everyone wants to be immortal. Extending one’s life that long is certainly impossible. Thus the myth is busted from the beginning.  No less than 10 humans ever reached the age of 175 and even less so today with very few even reaching the age of 130.

Online marketers make these outlandish claims for one reason: profit. A simple Google search will reveal that, and everyone claims theirs to be the best in quality, or the best in price and a cure-all for a lot of ailments. Many marketers make these claims without citing their sources. For instance, Shilajit was told to help enhance male sexual prowess but scientific studies to back up this claim is close to none.

There are more absurd myths surrounding Shilajit. Some of which are out of this world and deserve little if any credence at all.

Shilajit is Not For Kids

Shilajit is completely safe for everyone who is not allergic to its bio-active components and nutrients. Some people even give Shilajit to their pets to give them a boost in energy. What then makes it not suitable for kids?

Shilajit is Only for Men

This is an outlandish claim without a basis. It is possible that this myth stems from the fact that many practitioners in Ayurveda used Shilajit as a male enhancing drug and an aphrodisiac.

Shilajit Can Be Used For Sexual Potential

There is no hard truth to this claim. Sure, Shilajit has been used as an aphrodisiac but scientific studies are fairly limited in this area. Studies regarding the effects on gestation and male fertility are limited as well.

Shilajit Should Not Be Purified

This claim is outright false and quite dangerous. There is a need to purify Shilajit because, in its raw state, it is not suited for human consumption.  We strongly advise against the consumption of unprocessed Shilajit as this could contain high levels of undesired substances.

Like any powerful and downright amazing healing agent, Shilajit will have its fair share of scams. An otherwise magnificent health product with a tampered reputation because of shady and greedy marketers and sellers. Thus, as conscious buyers, we must always do our homework to see if something is what we think it is and always be cautious about marketing claims and strive to get the truth out.


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