How To Use Pürblack Live Resin Shilajit.

Pürblack shilajit Live resin jar opened showing contents.

01. MEASURE (No time to dissolve? There is a faster way. Read further.)

02. DISSOLVE. (No time to dissolve? Use Bite and Drink method. Read further.)

03. DRINK.

Pürblack is simple to use. There are three ways to do this:  measure, dissolve or bite, and drink. Always use cleanest and non-chlorinated water to dissolve the resin.

Proper dosage and consistency daily will guarantee success with our black shilajit resin. The average daily shilajit dose is about a pea size ball once or twice daily.

There are two ways to enjoy the resin. The traditional method is to simply dissolve the resin in clean non-chlorinated water or any beverage. The second is to take your Shilajit straight and chase with water or any beverage.


Scoop out about a pea-sized ball of resin from the jar. You can use a precision scale to weigh the dose if you want to be precise.


Dissolve in 1-2 cups of water by stirring vigorously for 3-7 min and drink.

A word on taste: Pürblack shilajit flavor, just like any genuine high-end Shilajit resin is an acquired taste. More water will make it taste like an herbal tea.

A word Water or beverage quality: Always use clean and non-chlorinated water or beverage. The beverage you use should not be too thick to prevent the binding of the resin (do not use chia or coconut smoothies). Water, milk or herbal teas work best.

A word on temperature: The water or beverage temperature should not be too hot. Pürblack is a Live Resin with many heat-sensitive metabolites. Water temperature should not exceed 102.2F (39 C).

A Word on Freshness: Always drink freshly dissolved resin solution. Do not leave unattended or at room temperature the dissolved solution. Always refrigerate leftovers. 


If you don’t have time, you can bypass the classic way. Simply bite the resin off the spoon, swallow hole like a pill and chase it with water or a beverage of choice.

Taste: Most people perceive the taste of resin differently. You will get used to the taste in 7-14 days.

PASSIVELY DISSOLVE IN WATER. Convenient alternative.

Another way to save time is to leave the resin in water for 20-30 minutes. It will fall apart by itself.

Do not leave the solution outside for longer than 30-60 min.

Freshness: always drink your resin solution fresh.

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