Skin Beautiful. The secret shilajit, beets, kale and ginger combination!

shilajit has many beauty skin benefits.

When I tell you that taking high-quality shilajit like Pürblack shilajit can synergize with organic green juices in such a way that you can develop the skin of a goddess, I am 100% truthful. The two do indeed work together in such ways that you can rejuvenate your entire body, including the largest organ of them all, the almighty epidermis. What is also paramount to consider is that skin health is indicative of overall vitality, just as how honeybees’ health reflects that of the environment (scary, right?). Having said that, the trick it to start pumping your body full of the nutrients it needs to be healthy & thrive from the inside out. Radiant skin is simply a byproduct of the rejuvenation process.

Beets come to mind immediately when speaking of skin integrity, as beets contain nitrates that metabolize into nitric oxide. The result is a powerful vasodilation effect. Increased blood flow to the capillaries of the skin allows more toxins to rush away, and more life-giving nutrition & energy to flow in. Beets are also excellent for cleansing the blood & liver; incredibly important tasks when reclaiming your skin from lesions of unsightly pimples. Take some Pürblack with your beet juice to turn it into a premium healing elixir. As shilajit galvanizes minerals so effectively, it can help protect against kidney stone formation often associated with the consumption of beets.

Kale would be the next thing on my list, as it has such a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals & other beneficial substances that anyone would benefit massively from imbibing this serious cruciferous contender. Inside kale, you will find vitamins A, C, E, K, B1, B2, B3, as well as calcium, phosphorus, copper, magnesium, fatty acids, & lutein. When used concurrently with shilajit, the addition of ionic minerals compounded by the notorious increase in assimilative abilities makes this quite a considerable concoction. Driving huge amounts of light energy into one’s physiology is a big part of the secret to optimum health & well being.

Ginger would be my final recommendation in this trifecta of skin healing tactics. Ginger increases blood flow to the skin, destroys harmful microbes that may contribute to acne & pimples, and provides a gentle mood boost to boot. The abundance of fibrous strands in ginger acts like brooms as they pass through the intestines, sweeping out particles of toxic debris. Legend states that the great philosopher Confucious ate ginger after every meal. I have much reverence for ancient wisdom, which plays a part in my love affair with shilajit. I did not find out until recently that all it takes to peel ginger root is a spoon. I was using a potato peeler, which actually wasted a large portion of the rhizome. The skin is very delicate, and applying a but of pressure with the edge of a metal spoon should do the trick. Combine fresh, organic ginger juice with Pürblack to take your antidepressant and skin therapy all at once! Mother Nature is truly an infinite well of magical synergistic wonder.