Sex 5 times a day and life-force roller coaster.

Sex, libido and shilajit.

Another exciting realm of sexuality to explore is a bit more esoteric. Have you ever heard of brahmacharya? It is the Sanskrit word for celibacy. Now, when I was in high school and my early 20’s, abstinence seemed like a bad joke. Why in the world would anyone voluntarily live without sex? Now, I understand why a little bit better (but still highly doubt I will ever be celibate!). Growing up in Oklahoma, a large part of what influenced me had a Christian flavor; Southern Baptist, to be precise. From what I gathered, sex & masturbation were dirty, evil sins. They were especially ‘bad’ if performed outside of wedlock. I would be punished by my mother if I were caught having sex in her home. As I began to rebel against authority, and specifically the church, I refused to let them control my sexuality. I made love to whomever, whenever I felt like it.

It wasn’t until the past couple of years of living in Southern California that various people & literature informed me of Eastern philosophies & their belief systems. In Oklahoma, saying something like ‘brahmacharya’ would be liable to get you shot. There is not an abundance of acceptance; ergo there is a stunning lack of diversity in regards to both knowledge and experience. The concept behind brahmacharya is that it is of crucial importance to a man to preserve his ‘jing’, ‘prana’, ‘ojas’, or ‘vital life essence’, A.K.A. semen. They believe that the sexual fluids house an incredibly potent form of energy that is the foundational building block of all muscles, tissues, bones, & organs. Hence, the loss of such a powerful life-force could have drastic deleterious effects on health.

I have mixed feelings about these sorts of beliefs. I feel that sex is vital to the well-being of every individual, and to suppress your thoughts, feelings, & actions in regards to your sexuality will inevitably result in a whole host of other problems. While I do make sure to be mindful about the frequency of intercourse/masturbation in my life, I am also not an extremist. I feel that the closeness and loving feelings I experience (either with a partner or myself) revitalizes me much more than if I were to abstain altogether. Abuse & addictions, as with many things, are where the problems begin.

Having sex multiple times a day is hardly sustainable and is sure to deplete you of your vital essence. As you can see in the faces of drug addicts, prostitutes, and other victims of excess, the light in the eyes is all but extinguished. The Chinese would attribute this to diminished jing, the inherent life force stored in the kidneys. Fortunately, there are many jing-restoring tonics in Traditional Chinese Medicine. If you find yourself running low; goji, he shou wu, chaga, shilajit, velvet deer antler, polyrhachis ant, and schizandra all nourish the jing in various ways.

I think there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to sexual health. Consider that when someone’s health falls below par, the first thing to go is the sex drive. Just as bees are an indicator of environmental quality, so then sexual health is indicative of overall vigor. Some theorize that mineral deficiency are the cause of mood swings & fatigue commonly associated with males post-ejaculation. It is interesting to think that each time ejaculation occurs, it must feel that THIS moment is the moment in which you will be creating a child, so all energy must be directed towards that all-important purpose.

It probably takes some pretty specialized nutriments to create four or five hundred million potential human beings. Considering this, Pürblack Shilajit shines as a contributor to sexual, and subsequently overall health. Pürblack Shilajit provides enormous amounts of ionic minerals, as well as assisting your body in assimilating nutrition from food, all contributing to sufficient mineral levels in the body. Also consume other mineral-rich foods such as sea vegetables, cruciferous veggies, leafy greens, miso, fermented foods, and healthful salts like Celtic or Himalayan.

The bottom line is all things in moderation. If it is your dream to be a Tibetan Buddhist Monk living deep in the icy recesses of a Himalayan cave practicing brahmacharya, then, by all means, I encourage you to follow your heart! I will continue to make love, enjoy the sunshine, herbs, food, water, people, and Pürblack Shilajit. There is so much life to live, and using the best of the best shilajit I get exponentially more juice for every squeeze, in all areas of my life. Namaste!