Shilajit your secret meditation tool.

meditating in front of the ocean with a rainbow overhead. Shilajit can help with meditation.

Modern science is finally coming around to what Eastern yogis have known for thousands of years; meditation is an incredibly powerful tool with a large number of health benefits. These include:

  • Increased immunity
  • Emotional balance
  • Increased Fertility
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Sense of calm & well-being

It shares a strikingly similar effects profile to that of Pürblack, indicating it would be wise to use the two together synergistically. Many people who take Pürblack Live Resin report that their meditations grow in terms of quality and depth.

The idea that yoga practice is geared to deepen one’s meditation practice is something Americans don’t seem to notice. Personally, I utilize the skill set that yoga enhances to allow me to stay deeper in meditation for longer periods of time. If it does not feel right to be in one’s body having, a productive meditation will be much more difficult. Not only does high-quality shilajit accelerate progression on the yogic path, but it also has specific calming properties that directly benefit meditation.

A study done in Vivo on ethanol withdrawal syndrome (EWS) has proven that shilajit mitigates the anxiety associated with EWS, and it does so naturally and equally well as the pharmaceutical anti-anxiety drug Xanax. The stillness endowed by the resin allows you to get more quickly into the nitty-gritty of meditation, wasting less time with the initial period of chaotic thoughts & tuning out distractions. The sense-enhancing qualities of shilajit also add some indescribable level of euphoric bliss to each breath that goes in & out. As Pürblack supersedes the efficacy of all traditional shilajit, its benefits to meditation will only be that much more profound. Perhaps the Buddha suckled on shilajit as he sat underneath the Bodhi tree.

In light meditation, the brain produces more alpha brain waves, which give a feeling of calm alertness. Stress melts away and normal day-to-day concerns seem trite and meaningless. Matcha green tea can enhance this level of meditation due to its rich concentrations of the amino acid L-theanine. Go a bit deeper, and the brain begins to generate theta waves. This realm is the space where genius ‘aha!’ moments come to fruition. It’s as if you have completely unplugged from the Matrix and reconnected with a more infinite, esoteric source of cosmic intelligence. Think for a moment of a baby spider; it weaves its first web perfectly. Where does it get the information to perform such a feat? It seems there is a vast pool of knowledge beyond the tangible, where one could theoretically download exabytes of God intelligence. I wonder if Nikola Tesla spent much time in the said theta state.

There is an old saying that you should meditate at least 10 minutes every day, and if you don’t have time? Meditate for an hour. It stresses the importance of the fundamental concepts of meditation; no matter how pressing all these worldly matters may seem, they are often merely distractions from the path of enlightenment. I take the time to stop each day, enjoy a bit of Pürblack, and focus on my breath for 20 minutes. It takes a bit of self-discipline, but once you start doing it and feeling the benefits in regards to stress levels & physiology, you will never look back. There is a high chance I will start to go out of my tree without this daily practice. It greatly assists me in taking a step back and regaining a proper perspective on our life here on Earth. I begin to recall who I am, what I want out of life, and who/what deserves my time & energy. The greatest part of meditation? It’s free!

Both Pürblack & meditation on their own are extremely solid paths towards nirvanic bliss, but why waste time crawling when you could be flying? We are all about synergy and mankind evolving toward its highest good, one Pürblack-enhanced meditation at a time!