Mediation & Focus Deeper with PÜRBLACK. By J. Bodger

Intense meditation with purblack shilajit live resin.

Dear Pürblack,

I have only been taking Pürblack Live Resin for 4 days. My first day was shortly after I had finished a 10 day Ayurvedic cleanse (Panchakarma). Already I was feeling quite light and clear, but a little weak, as I had been following a very simple diet of rice, dhal and vegetables for 15 days.

Within minutes of taking my first dose of shilajit, I felt a surge of vitality and greater strength. As I sat for meditation that evening, I began with a steady awareness that was stronger than usual for me. As meditation progressed, it grew deeper and more silent, yet my awareness felt very steady and focused, much more than usual.

It ended being one of the deepest meditations I have had over the past year, yet it also had a quality I have never experienced: strength and steadiness of the body as well as the mind. Each meditation since then has had a similar quality, although not as strong as the first experience, due perhaps to the size of the dose I took that first time (probably 3x-4x the usual).   These results have really impressed me and I am looking forward to seeing what long term results will be like.

Jack Bodger

Note from the Pürblack: Meditation in very healthy for humans. It clears the mind, makes it calmer and more focused. Multiple studies have demonstrated the mind-body connection and the benefits of meditation. Twenty minutes meditations in the morning upon awakening and another twenty in the evening will greatly improve your quality of life.

It is hard to develop a rigorous meditation practice in a hectic modern world. Traditionally Buddhist monks and yogis used different tools to improve meditation quality. Pürblack live resin shilajit is supreme tool you can use to control you own mind and conquer the world with compassion, wisdom and serenity.