shilajit myths

Myths of Shilajit, Moomiyo and Salajeet Origins.

Myth #1. The most beautiful myth is about the Hindu deity Lord Vishnu. According to this myth, Vishnu sleeps in the mountains of the Himalayas and sweats profusely. His sweat oozes out of rocks in the kind of material which is made into Shilajit. The other version is that Vishnu stays in the mountains when times are good for people and comes out in the form of the rock sweat in order to be consumed by people and restore peace in order in the world. This is a beautiful and poetic story which we choose not to comment on because of our respect for the religious roots of it.


Myth #2. Another really fascinating one is that Shilajit (regional name of mineral pitch resin in the South) or Mumie (regional name of mineral pitch in the North) is the Soma (rejuvenating food) of immortality which was initially placed in the mountains as food reserves by extraterrestrials, which visited these mountains once and occasionally return and feed on it.

This myth does not withstand the slightest scientific criticism because no one had ever observed spaceships or aliens placing any kind of material into or onto the rocks. Moreover, mineral pitch (Shilajit, Mumie, Salajeet) does not make anybody immortal or absolutely invincible.


Myth#3. According to this myth, Shilajit and Mumie are made out of guano or simply said animal feces. The myth was invented by imitation Shilajit powders manufactured in order to promote imitation products. Scientifically, it has been established for decades that feces contain bacteria which is harmful to human health. In particular E. Coli, Salmonella and Staphylococcus. Genuine mineral pitch resin regardless of geographic origin will NEVER contain any of the mentioned pathogens, excluding the possibility of being made out of guano or feces. On the contrary, it was shown in a lab that genuine mineral pitch will destroy most common microbiological pathogens on contact.


Myth #4. This fable states that the resin or the true Shilajit is an alchemical substance, which can only be made by highly enlightened sages in India. Companies and persons proliferating this myth usually weave it with spirituality and higher consciousness. These “alchemical” resins or powders usually come with pictures of saints, sacred geometry and special persons, whom only the trader has access to. Also, the merchant will add that such Shilajit is given only to him by the Sage/Indigenous person and everything will be enshrined in mystery.


In reality alchemy as a science practically disappeared around the 17th century in favor of early chemistry. The core claims of medieval alchemists to be able to transform lead into gold were proven to be not true. Modern physics and chemistry understand atomic nature of matter and no one on the planet so far was capable transform one element into another.


Situation with mineral pitch resin is to straightforward for this myth to have any validity behind it. The resin (known by regional names of Mumie, Shilajit and Salajeet) has been sourced and processed for human consumption for millennia. The traditional manufacturing process is extensively described in the literature, is rather primitive and is very well understood. There is nothing alchemical about it.


Presently, because the raw material reserves have been generally exhausted in India and Pakistan, most of the material to manufacture the resins comes from areas surrounding these countries.


Elite resins such as Pürblack, which has high efficacy and bioavailability, versus traditionally manufactured resins, are definitely not produced by mysterious sages. Companies which are serious about high and resins follow very strict protocols, developed by scientists, not alchemists.


Myth#5. The resin is made out of mummies. This is a myth which probably lacks the most common sense. Mummification is the antiquity of a highly expensive method of body preservation which only the richest and most powerful could afford. What gave birth to this myth was an ancient Egyptian text with reference to a material which could be Mumie or Shilajit, used in the recipe a balsam used for embalming. From a scientific viewpoint, this makes perfect sense because mineral pitch has outstanding antimicrobial properties. From a logistical, economic and merchants’ point of view processing mummies to make resin would make absolutely no sense. First, so many mummies are simply not available for supplying even the smallest fraction of demand for the resin in Asia, Europe and Africa. Second, mummies are valuable historical artifacts which are protected by penal laws, they value per gram is way higher than the price of the most expensive resin. Third, any merchant of antiquity if caught trading mummies would most likely lose his life, nowadays probably his business and freedom.


It is absolutely obvious why some people would believe these myths. They believe in psychological weaknesses of human nature, such as worship of sacred, curiosity of the mysterious, fear of death and desire for eternal youth. Most Pürblack considers are open-minded and educated and are adept at distinguishing fables facts. Nevertheless, we wrote this article hoping that it’ll be fun to read.


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