Shilajit in the fight against tooth decay

shilajit and coconut for strong healthy teeth.

In our modern times, oral hygiene seems to be one of the most important topics facing the health foods industry. People such as Weston A. Price claim that traditional cultures consumed large amounts of animal products and did not brush their teeth, yet had immaculate oral & bone health. How could it be that in our sophisticated societies with all its luxuries & conveniences, 92% of adults have experienced dental caries in their permanent teeth? My opinion? Mineral deficiency and processed foods. Learn how to manage teeth problems and how our shilajit can help keep your pearly whites healthy. 

Proper nutrition during pregnancy is vital to the proper formation of the child’s teeth & bones. These days, most people are not getting enough minerals, setting their child up for failure from the very beginning. As a people, we are witnessing an exponentially fast degradation in the human genome that is unparalleled in our race’s history. A high-quality shilajit such as Pürblack  Live Resin is a crucial first step in reclaiming our mouths & bodies from the voracious jaws of dentists & corporate greed.

In my opinion, Pürblack shilajit is the number one health support for mineral deficiency in existence. Not only does Pürblack contain an abundance of its very own ionic minerals, but it also greatly assists in the assimilation of vitamins & minerals from food & herbs. Colloidal minerals become incredibly efficacious when taken with shilajit, possibly due to the carrier ashless humic acids. Essential vitamins/minerals in regards to skeletal health are vitamins D, K, K2, magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, and silica. Get Vitamin D from spending 15 minutes at a time in the sunlight (don’t wear sunblock), K from leafy greens & algaes, and K2 from fermented foods such as sauerkraut.

The best source for both phosphorous and magnesium is hemp seed, while sources of calcium include a broad range of foods such as raw milk, chia seeds, leafy greens, and spirulina. Silica can be difficult to find; your best bet is supplementing with vegetal silica. All these nutrients work in tandem to provide the ultimate building blocks for your skeleton. An excellent regimen for total body remineralization would be the full inclusion of the foods above in one’s diet. Ideally, they are taken alongside small doses of Pürblack shilajit to facilitate uptake, transmutation, & delivery of these minerals to key points in the body.

Not all that long ago, I realized I had two cavities forming on my lower molars. On top of that, I’ve had a life-long sensitivity to hot/cold foods & liquids. After a bit of spelunking on the interwebs, I began a natural support regimen that has the potential to bankrupt dental practitioners worldwide.

First thing after waking up, I drink about 10oz of spring water to begin saliva flow. Before I eat anything, I take a tablespoon of organic extra-virgin cold-pressed coconut oil and put it in my mouth. Depending on your geographical location & climate, the oil may be solid. I allow it a minute to melt and begin swishing it vigorously between the teeth & gums. I continue the swishing for 20 minutes while I perform my morning ritual & clean my body. After the 20 minutes has passed, I spit the now milky, toxin-filled oil out into the grass and rinse with warm water.

Afterward, I floss and brush with a natural clay-based toothpaste (avoid fluoride at all costs!). I finish the deal by taking a bit of Pürblack shilajit and smearing it all over my teeth. The taste is intense, but I know what it is doing for me, so I grin & bear it. In less than a week I had lost all sensitivity – I cannot tell you the enormity of this accomplishment! Now I can enjoy iced beverages with cringing and feeling like I might die. My teeth are also noticeably whiter, and the cavities are slowly but surely reducing in size. Perhaps with this sort of mindfulness and powerful tools like Pürblack shilajit, we can begin giving birth to generations of strong-boned individuals. Powerlessness is a prominent theme in most of our lives. Fine tune your dental health and find empowerment!