The Shilajit Story

The story of shilajit

Traditional folklore has it that shilajit’s value was discovered in the distant past by villagers in a mountainous area. These villagers noticed that a group of monkeys living in the area would migrate up into the mountains during hot summer weather. Some of these mountain-visiting monkeys were seen chewing on a dark, gummy substance that seemed to have flowed out of the rocks. Monkeys of this particular type were admired in the region for their strength, intelligence, and longevity. It was suspected that these fine qualities might have something to do with the substance the monkeys went out of their way to obtain, so a few brave souls tried eating some of it themselves.

These first human shilajit users reported a broad spectrum of healthful improvements, and soon more and more people began collecting and using the substance. Eventually, quite a catalog of benefits was attributed to shilajit use, including more abundant energy, relief from digestive troubles, better memory and sharper ability to think, reduced suffering from allergies, and relief from many health conditions.

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