Shilajit Powder

Shady shilajit powder contains fulvic acid used in fertilizer.

Shilajit is widely regarded as one of the most effective rejuvenators and health supplements. It has a rich history of usage in traditional medicines of many cultures throughout the world. However, it is extremely rare and expensive.

A combination of increased demand and high price makes Shilajit an attractive target for counterfeiters. The market is filled with many supplements containing Shilajit including Shilajit powders, capsules, fortified nutrient bars, fortified juices and a slew of other formulations.

Shilajit is one of the most counterfeited supplements in the US market. Almost 99% of the supplements available today are completely fake not even contain traces of the original component.

Fake Shilajit powders

The most common form of fake Shilajit is the powdered form. It is very easy to counterfeit and is commonly used in supplements such as capsules and other formulations. These formulations that claim to be containing Shilajit powders are most certainly fake and do not contain even trace amounts of the original herb.

Most of these powders are formulated to resemble Shilajit in mere appearance and not in any of its health properties. More often than not these powders contain a mixture of soil, powdered rock or other substances.
Some fake Shilajit powders contain some contaminants that can do more harm than good. These powders contain ground rocks that may have a high content of heavy metals and other impurities that may produce a cumulative toxic effect over a period. Powders are incredibly hard on the kidneys, in some worst cases, kidneys start to hurt within one week of using the counterfeit.

Most of these manufacturers advertise their products as being fortified with Shilajit without even producing any relevant authenticity control analysis or data with their products. If you are buying any powdered form of Shilajit, 99.999 times out of 100, you will be getting a fake product.

Genuine form of Shilajit

In its true form, Shilajit appears in a resin form with almost tar-like consistency. This is achieved by very carefully and meticulously extracting the active resin from Shilajit bearing rocks. For top quality resin, this requires precise scientific methods to limit the contamination and preserve all the active components of the resin in their active form.

After the market had been flooded with spurious and fake Shilajit powders, many genuine manufacturers started increasing the awareness about these fake powders. Companies like Pürblack waged a successful campaign to get the message out regarding genuine shilajit forms. These campaigns were successful in educating the customers and putting a check on the spurious powder manufacturers and the demand for these powders started declining.
However, the counterfeiters soon caught up and started manufacturing fake resin form of Shilajit as well. Today a handful of manufacturers have started manufacturing these substandard or straight-up fake resins. Although they visually resemble the pure Shilajit resins, they obviously lack the health properties.

A word of advice.

Shilajit is indeed a powerful supplement that can do wonders for your health. However, the health benefits of this amazing supplement can only be realized if you use the highest quality pure form of the resin.
As a cautious customer, the onus is on you to thoroughly research the market and buy Shilajit only from very reputable and reliable sources.

Pürblack Live Resin is a revolutionary Shilajit resin that is manufactured with a patent-pending technology that yields the highest potency form with minimum contamination. If you are looking to reap the benefits of this amazing herb, don’t fall prey to the scammers out there and make an educated and well-informed choice.