The Relationship Between Shilajit, Fulvic Acid & Food

the relationship between your food and shilajit

Let us explore for a moment the relationship between shilajit and food. I feel that awareness is on the rise, especially in regards to modern farming practices & its effect on our environment. The ever-increasing usage of toxic chemicals, as well as mono-cropping, have drastically reduced the quality of our topsoil. If a plant grows in nutrient-deficient soil, then the food from that plant will also be nutritionally weak.

Shilajit or Mumie, when genuine and high quality is a fascinating substance and contains many ionic minerals, including fulvic & humic acids which help transport nutrients all throughout the body. You can find these substances in the soil, particularly in humus, the nutritive component of soil.

These two acids used to be much, much more abundant in our food supply but sadly, present-day techniques have ravaged the land, and now fulvic & humic acid are virtually absent from many peoples’ diets.

Imagine for a moment you are eating a salad; you got kale, spinach, avocado, crunchy bell pepper, walnuts, hemp seeds….fairly nutritious stuff. Now, have some Pürblack Live Resin Shilajit at the end of the meal or at the beginning. The massive array of micronutrients works synergistically with all the beneficial compounds found in the food; fulvic acid basically works like a magician in your body, having the ability to transmute things like silica and phosphorous into incredibly strong calcium (totally different from calcium obtained from food) to rebuild bones.

The precious resin (known traditionally as shilajit, mumie, etc.) seems to fill in many pieces of the body’s puzzle that may be missing & required for synthesis or conversion of various substances. The body is constantly performing mind-blowing complex reactions; one would do well to provide these reactions to the fuel they need to run smoothly. 

These health reactions are of great interest to us and seem to hint at the wide range of uses this compound may have. Many scientists, doctors, and naturopathic physicians are now considering that fulvic acid may be the missing link in our food chain. Remember, you are not what you EAT, you are what you ASSIMILATE.