Shilajit Extract. Beware.

shilajit extraction is a delicate process

The quest to live a healthy life predates history. We have been searching for tools to help us live longer since the beginning of time. The knowledge of natural herbs and remedies that accumulated over centuries is finding a resurgence with the advancement of modern science.

The herbs and medicines used in ancient traditional medicinal practices such as Eastern European Holistic Medicine, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine are being investigated with the help of modern science to authenticate their health benefits.

One such herb that has stood the test of time is called Mineral Patch Resin or Shilajit. It was regarded as a true miracle in ancient Ayurvedic scriptures. One of the earliest written Ayurvedic documents Charaka Samhita hails Shilajit as a life-giving substance. According to the ancient healer Charaka, Shilajit has the power to bring health if it is at all possible. Although the authenticity of these claims somewhat of a legend, as these texts are over 2000 years old, scientific research with Shilajit in recent times has revealed some amazing health benefits associated with the herb.

What is Shilajit Extract?

The word Shilajit originates from a Sanskrit word “shila”, which means stone. It is known by many names the world over including Mumie and Salajeet among others.

Shilajit is essentially an organic matter that was trapped between the rocks of the mountains many years ago. It oozes out of these rocks as a sticky resinous material during the summer months.

Why is Shilajit so rare?

Although it is not very clear what organic material results in the formation of Shilajit, it has a characteristic composition. It was formed many years ago; it requires special conditions to emerge, among such vegetation and atmospheric. As a result, the only source of Shilajit is these rocks in the Caucasus, Siberia, and Himalayan mountains. It is difficult to find and collect these rocks which make Shilajit one of the rarest materials on Earth and drives the price high.

Counterfeiters Profiteering from Shilajit

Shilajit has three ideal qualities that make it very lucrative for the counterfeiters- it is rare and expensive, it is also easy to counterfeit out of the soil. As a result, the market is filled with substandard and outright fake Shilajit. As many as up to 99% supplements claiming to contain Shilajit are completely fake. They don’t even have trace amounts of the original product in them.

To get the most from this amazing supplement, one has to be careful in using only the highest quality product. Usually, Shilajit supplements can be categorized into the following three categories.

Substandard Shilajit

Shilajit extraction and purification from the Shilajit bearing rocks is an extremely delicate scientific process. It also requires high-quality shilajit bearing stones and not so-called sedimentary rock formations. Usually, substandard shilajit is made of sedimentary rock formations and soils found where once genuine shilajit was. Extraction methods employ harsh chemicals and result in a material with only a minuscule amount of what supposedly is shilajit.

Due to the lack of precaution and commitment to ethical extraction, many Shilajit supplements contain only trace amounts of the herb by the time they are processed. Most of these supplements are marketed as powders that are filled in a capsule or as tinctures that contain very little actual Shilajit in them.

Many manufacturers try to mask this fact by spiking the inferior product with a Fulvic acid. They market their products as ‘high strength’ based on the high amount of Fulvic acid added in the product. The efficacy of such shilajit is not even close to the genuine one.

Fake Shilajit

A huge chunk of the Shilajit in the market is downright fake, containing no Shilajit whatsoever. They are literally made from dirt! Most of the supplements available on the market contain some form of ground rock or soil that resembles Shilajit only in appearance.

It is easy for these spurious companies to process huge amounts of these fake Shilajit Supplements to dupe people. However, they don’t provide any form of genuine certification of authenticity or laboratory tests to prove the genuineness of their product. On the contrary, occasionally they will provide a document with a test for soil and not shilajit.

Many of these products may contain heavy metal contaminants from the impure rocks that are used to manufacture them and hence may do more bad than any good over long periods of time.

Genuine Shilajit Resin

The most authentic form of Shilajit comes as a resinous material. The extraction of this resinous material from the Shilajit bearing rocks is a scientific process that is almost an art. Thorough knowledge of extraction chemistry needed to extract the purest resin without harming the composition and eliminating impurities.


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