The shilajit experience. By Benny Oliver Humphries. Post 1.

opened purblack shilajit live resin showing its contents.

Taking Back your health with Pürblack

After trying many types of Shilajit, I am without a doubt certain that Pürblack tops them all. It has only been a year and a half that I started to take back my health, the key to which is education. There are many people like myself who have had to suffer and pay lots of money to find the best Shilajit, often it pays to learn from others experience, Pürblack is the best.

We are not responsible for what we know; we are responsible for putting what we know into action. Over the next six months, I will be sharing my journey of taking my back my health. Pürblack will be the primary adaptogen that I use in this process. I will detail the journey with pictures video and information that I have learned along the way. Using Pürblack requires commitment, for there is no magic pill. Shilajit works with those who work it. Dietary changes, discipline and an applied understanding are also key. Those who use Pürblack are those who indeed want to fine-tune their body and are awake or awakening to a higher level of life.