shilajit for incredible strength.

As a 42-year-old retired active duty military member and father of soon to be 7 children, Pürblack has been a great blessing to have. I came to know about Pürblack in a roundabout way. I originally heard about “mumie” in reference to how Russian athletes have sworn by it for decades. I had never heard of mumie or shilajit so I decided to start reading up on it. I was amazed at the amount of research conducted on it throughout the years.  I ordered my first batch of Pürblack in early April 2014 and within the first 3-7 days, I noticed effects. I had already been taking shilajit for several months prior to ordering Pürblack, but the most magnified and definite effects were noticed with Pürblack.

I started noticing greater mental clarity right away. I could stay focused on tasks for longer periods of time and had an overall sense of calmness. These effects were noticed within the first week. Starting the second week I noticed a greater ability to concentrate and meditate during prayer time. I was sleeping deeper and waking more refreshed. Dreams became more vivid and the amount of sleep I needed to feel refreshed shortened. This led to greater recovery from my strength workouts.

I have been steadily strength training since 1984 and Pürblack has had a gradual positive effect on my recovery from these strength sessions. I can train hard at each session and have noticed my body’s ability to bounce back quickly over the time period I’ve been using Pürblack. My strength level has gained a noticeable increase and also my body fat level has nicely dropped. The body fat level was nice and gradual, not fast and leaving me without energy. There has been a noticeable increase in lean muscle mass which is always good to have for a strong metabolism. I also noticed that stamina and recovery within each strength session have gradually increased. The nice, steady, constant level of energy has been a great bonus throughout our family’s busy day.

I used to run low on energy by the evening hours, and sometimes just wanted to crash on the couch. I now have a steady stream of energy and have become more productive at work and at home. I find myself completing more tasks and actually looking for things to accomplish because of the lack or need to get lazy on the couch. Our family has always been a busy active household with how large we are, but now I find I have the constant energy to help my wife with our busy and blessed schedule. Using Pürblack has also nicely boosted libido levels which I know can decrease with time for men as they age.

If Pürblack has had this effect since just the beginning of April 2014, I can only imagine what the accumulative effects will bring. This product is amazing, I wish I knew about it back in my twenties!

Michael Abril

Clovis, NM