Pürblack Resin. Conquer your weakness.


Although several books and scientific articles have been published about shilajit, they are just that: scientific: full of scientific terminology, tables, graphs, statistics and the like. This blog is written to provide easy to understand information about mineral tone (also known as shilajit, mumie), for anyone interested in learning about its healthy and potential healing properties.

The blog describes what resin is, where it is found, how it was discovered, how it can be obtained and, most importantly, its benefits and uses.

Reference is made to more technical and academic work on the mineral pitch – shilajit – mumie, if you wish to study this fascinating substance in greater depth and detail.

We also talked extensively about Pürblack Live Resin, which is the third and latest generation or resin to replace shilajit, mumie, mumijo and salajeet resins. Adaptive Energy uses a patented low-temperature process (patent pending) to purify the raw resin collected from its natural sources and manufacture the Pürblack resin. It occurs without raising the temperature of the resin above 102.2°F (39°C) – natural impurities are gently removed while maintaining all native nutrients and co-factors. These include abundant minerals, ashless humic acids, fulvic acids, vitamins, enzymes, tocopherols, bioflavonoids, amino acids and various other organic acids.

Pürblack resin is more effective, powerful and close to a natural shape than all traditionally manufactured Shilajit-Mumie products of previous generations.

We recommend that you educate yourself diligently on the subject of shilajit. You must understand that, although there is a lot of information online, not everything is objective. We wrote earlier that some information is scientific and is difficult to understand if you are not a chemist, biologist, physician, or pharmaceutical scientist.

The other extreme is purely marketing information, which is not objective and simply tries to “sell” opinions that are not true and have nothing to do with reality. We will try to offer a golden medium in this blog. We also recommend our readers, who are very well educated, to look for useful information in books, encyclopedias and Pubmed.