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Modern Mineral Pitch Science or Shilajit

    In the field of conventional “westernized” medical and scientific research, special credit is due to research in the former USSR, where a massive effort was made to scientifically analyze mineral pitch resins, and explore their uses and potentials – in some cases involving the coordinated work of entire universities.

    From the 1940s until the mid-90s, the mineral pitch has received focused attention from Soviet researchers in biological, biochemical, medical and even geological fields. Doctor Shakirov A. Sh. pioneered the medical field of the mineral pitch with his doctoral dissertation published in 1965. The focus of the dissertation was on uses of mineral pitch (also known as Shilajit or Moomiyo) as an auxiliary nutritional supplement to expedite regeneration of bone tissue after fractures and severe structural damage.

    Doctors Kaligin V. I. published in 1984 the results of his experimental research on human subjects subjected to x-ray radiation. Dr. Bobohodzhajev in 1986 came out with a publication describing the effects of mineral pitch on the chemistry of blood. An aggregate of Soviet research had proved many profound health benefits of mineral pitch resin. Interestingly, Soviet physicians have always used mumie – shilajit as a nutritional supplement rather than applying it is a drug.

    Prof. Shibnath Ghosal is another prominent scientist who led the Indian effort in research of mineral pitch (Shilajit) and its derivatives. India’s scientists have greatly contributed to the science of mineral pitch and its multiple applications. India always had an edge over the rest of the world in holistic/nontraditional medicine applications knowledge of mineral pitch resin (Shilajit) due to being the home to the art of Ayurveda.

    The classical text of Ayurveda Caraka Samhita had identified mineral pitch resin (Shilajit) is a supreme healing substance. India’s medical and chemical scientists have done an excellent job showing the efficacy of Shilajit positively affecting brain systems, body inflammation, weight and sugar levels. Similar to the Soviet scientists, mineral pitch resin had primarily been used in combination with other herbs and herbal formulations.

    It had been noticed a very long time ago by Ayurveda practitioners that Shilajit does an outstanding job amplifying and harmonizing other botanicals. Modern-day medical science has followed the ancient wisdom.

    Unfortunately, nearly all Shilajit manufactured in India that made its way into the West are imitation products having very little to do with the genuine Shilajit resin. Dr. Ghosal’s followers realized that the resources of genuine Shilajit resin in India are almost extinct. Prof. Ghosal had invented and patented ways to make Shilajit-like products from soil (sedimentary rock formations) and marine invertebrates. Of course, nothing supersedes genuine resin and so far any attempts to create artificial Shilajit have not succeeded.

    The world’s combined research and investigations have shown mineral pitch resin or shilajit to be the product of an intricate series of geological and biochemical processes, with constituents of an amazing number and complexity – including many of the elements of the periodic table, enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, flavonoids, plant hormones, hormone-mimicking substances, and other biologically active material. The resin as a nutritional supplement has a broad range of beneficial, specific and nonspecific health benefits to the human body.

    We have to warn our readers to respect the resin, regardless of the region where it comes from. The amounts of genuine mineral pitch resin on the planet are limited. With the popularity and high demand of Shilajit in India and Pakistan, the resources of the Himalayas have taken the largest loss and are almost extinct. It is typical to a Western consumer when a new nurturing supplement becomes available to supersize everything.

    Mineral pitch resin, if genuine, has to be used in rather small quantities. It is important to consume this fascinating substance responsibly in order to leave it as a heritage to future generations of the planet. You can find precise instructions on how to use mineral pitch economically at

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