Fake Shilajit in Blends and Tinctures.

shilajit extraction is a delicate process

Imitation products primarily come as powders. With the popularity of mineral pitch (Shilajit and Mumie) it is not uncommon to see imitations in blends with fake Shilajit being sold or one of the ingredients. There are three types of such imitations: powdered herbs or herbal extracts fortified with an imitation Shilajit, semi-solids sold as “medicinal” honeys or glycerin tinctures, alcohol-based herbal tinctures. With all these products have in common is fake mineral pitch (Shilajit, Mumie or Salajeet) as an ingredient. They all can be classified as blends of various consistency and density.

The motives of manufacturers to produce these products are similar to the ones of powdered Shilajit imitations. Nevertheless, such manufacturers are not always malicious. They often are victims just as any customers due to lacking knowledge in regards to the substance they are using.

Attempting to follow and ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, producers of blends (powders, semi-solids and liquids) only have no idea what is it that they are using in a formulation. According to the teachings of Charaka Samhita, no state of health can be addressed without the use of Shilajit in combination with herbs.

Genuine Shilajit was traditionally used in Ayurveda as an “amplifier and harmonizer” of botanical formulas. The resin is such an effective “foundation” for medicinal herbs that it was conventionally used by Ayurvedic holistic practitioners. Because Shilajit was exhausted very fast in India one started mixing powdered imitations into botanical blends, first in India and then in the rest of the world. Now we’ll explain our readers with imitation blends are and how to spot them.

The most common blend is a mix of powdered herbs or herbal extracts with powdered “Shilajit” imitation products. In Sanskrit such blends called Churnas. These mixes are prevalent in Ayurvedic use and often contain an imitation mineral pitch (a.k.a. Shilajit, Mumie, Salajeet). Not only Ayurvedic herbs are blended in such a way. Chinese, East European and Asian herbs and extracts can be found as blends with fake Shilajit.

Another widespread form of fake Shilajit powder getting into products is in “medicinal” honeys, syrups and glycerin formulations. The base will always be the sweetener with botanical extracts and fabricated Shilajit or Mumie “worked” into such mix. These products will usually be sold as “unique” and “good tasting” formulations. They will even have some value to them. The missing part will always be genuine mineral pitch, despite the listing on the ingredient part of the label.

Alcohol-based herbal tinctures are not very different. They will have alcohol extracted botanicals combined with Shilajit or Moomiyo fabrications. Again all these herbal combinations will not necessarily be “useless.” Sometimes, they will somewhat benefit the consumer from the herbal part of the formulation. Never such blends will provide the superior benefits genuine mineral pitch (a.k.a. Shilajit, Mumie, Salajeet) delivers. Moreover, such formulas will not be “amplified and harmonized” properly.

And ethical manufacturer even if producing a blend will always feature a separate Certificate of Analysis for the mineral pitch (Shilajit, Mumie, Salajeet) used as an ingredient in the product. An analysis of such a certificate should provide data on whether the Shilajit used in the product is genuine or is the powdered or a resin imitation product.

Pürblack chose to manufacture and present its resin in a pure resin form and not necessarily as a blend. Even though we have done a substantial amount of research and development on blends, the bottom line is that once the resin is mixed into a blend of any sort it becomes almost impossible for the consumer to determine whether the blend is using a genuine resin or an imitation product. The connoisseurs of Shilajit-Mumie should always add the resin to the blends themselves in order to avoid possible imitation products.

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