Shilajit with Coffee. Harmonize your Caffeine Addiction

Coffee Cantata is a comic opus created by Johann Sebastian Back circa 1735. It tells tales of how the townspeople were becoming addicted to a mysterious new substance they called ‘coffee.’ Coffee is one of the most common stimulants in the world, often worshiped & equally demonized. Other widely available plant energizers include Yerba Mate (YUR-buh MAH-tay), Guaraná (gwah-rah-NAH), and Guayusa (gwy-YOU-suh). Taking these stimulants in tandem with Pürblack Shilajit Live Resin is an indication that one has stepped out of the 1700’s, and into the progressive realm of botanical synergism.

Coffee is a very interesting beast that I absolutely will not tangle with unless I have also taken shilajit that day. The beverage is very intense and makes me prone to anxiety & jitters; I usually avoid it for these reasons. However, for doing tedious work such as writing or working on the computer, I find coffee to have a superior mental edge.

Can I consume coffee with shilajit? Interestingly, the negative side effects are drastically reduced when taken with Pürblack. The explanation as to why is two-fold: One, the compounds in the Live Resin theoretically catalyze the active alkaloids in the coffee, allowing it to work far more effectively. Second, due to the massive potentiation experienced, you will end up consuming 1/4th of your usual dose. This means less caffeine, more stimulation; interesting isn’t it? High-quality shilajit such as Pürblack allows you to get much more juice for your squeeze from all sorts of substances, including coffee. Add just a single serving of shilajit to your coffee to feel the difference.

Shilajit with Coffee. Harmonize your Caffeine Addiction

Mate, Guaraná, & Guayusa are very promising alternatives to coffee. Mate is from the South American Holly Tree (Ilex Paraguariensis) and carries a very different vibe from coffee. Rumors claim this drink enhances third-eye abilities, allowing one’s sixth-sense to become more pronounced. It also carries a strong physically energizing component; perhaps Mate with Pürblack would make an excellent choice for shamanistic or yogic practices.

Guayusa is a cousin to the mate family and has a more balanced & calming nature. It contains naturally occurring l-theanine, as well as claiming twice the antioxidant power of green tea. Guayusa is unique in that it does not contain tannins, allowing for a consistently smooth mouth-feel. Shilajit & Guayusa is something I take for a general pick me up, and a subtle undercurrent of energy & joy in my day.

Shilajit with Coffee. Harmonize your Caffeine Addiction

Guaraná is one of the highest caffeine-containing plants in nature. Fun fact: The caffeine is created by the plant as a toxin to defend against herbivores. Heralded for its long-lasting energy boost, Guaraná is a favorite of many Brazilians. The caffeine in Guaraná (guaranine) is not water-soluble, causing a steady stream of alkaloids to flow into the bloodstream over the course of several hours. Pürblack with Guaraná is the duo I enjoy when embarking on lengthy bicycle journeys, or going out for a surf. It is a blessing to live in a time where we have access to these exotic plants from all around the world; perhaps one positive aspect of globalization.

At Pürblack, we generally recommend against the consumption of stimulants but understand that we are all human. A bit of shilajit with some coffee or tea (read our article on tea) could drastically enhance the quality of your day, and subsequently your life. Pürblack is also very useful in providing energy & mitigating side effects when attempting to wean oneself off caffeine. Remember when using Pürblack, less is more!