Shilajit, Antibiotic Foods, & Probiotics: Powerful Food Combinations

Shilajit, garlic, honey and other natural antiobiotics

We live in a germaphobic society. To be more precise, even the thought of germs, disease, viruses, and bacteria is enough to make many people shudder. The ubiquitous nature of sanitizing gels, sprays, creams, & wipes is a testament to this fact. What is interesting is that for every cell in your body containing your unique DNA, there are ten bacterial cells! We are walking orbs of bacteria and cooties. In the average, healthy human, unfriendly microbes make up about 15% of the overall population of bacteria. So clearly, bacteria & germs are everywhere, all the time, even inside of you and I. Ergo, we will discuss how to use natural antibiotic substances alongside Pürblack Live Resin Shilajit to prevent upsetting your microbial homeostasis.

Isn’t it ironic that you are more likely to get sick after taking a synthetic substance than from licking a tree? The organisms acquired from a tree could be dealt with by a healthy immune system, whereas antibiotics, for example, have the ability to decimate everything, including friendly bacteria.


Garlic is perhaps one of the best natural antibiotics and is about 1% as potent as penicillin. That may sound weak, but it’s pretty sweet considering you can eat garlic every day:) Not only does it come with a host of other health benefits, but it does not harm friendly microbes. Garlic has been used historically to address methicillin-resistant staph infection (MRSA), H. pylori (the primary cause of ulcers), pneumonia, the flu, and even bubonic plague. Allicin, the active ingredient, can destroy a variety of viruses, as well as fungal infections such as Candida. Shilajit may help improve the benefits of garlic, so taking them together is a sound practice.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is another fascinating antibacterial substance that is the center of a lot of controversies. Some feel that the FDA may have intentionally sabotaged colloidal silver’s reputation for the interests of pharmaceutical companies. Many people hail it as a miracle cure for a wide assortment of illnesses, as well as a potent prophylactic substance.

Silver has been in use since Greek & Roman times as an antibacterial for preserving foods, liquids, & medicine. Surgical equipment & catheter instruments have a coating of silver to prevent MRSA from running rampant through hospitals. Oral colloidal silver runs a small risk of damaging your friendly flora & fauna, so it is best to let it absorb sublingually.

Better yet, prelude it with a dose of Pürblack Live Resin for better assimilation & utilization of the silver particles. Silver in healthy and natural doses is extremely safe, and anything saying otherwise is most likely propaganda. Get your jar today.

Raw Honey

Raw honey is another incredible antimicrobial substance. It exerts its antibacterial activity by suffocating the bacteria, so honey that is in a liquid will not be useful in this regard. However, it is still an energetically charged powerhouse of nutrients. Aseda honey is especially effective in combating MRSA. Seeing as how shilajit and honey mix so well on the palate, I don’t know why you wouldn’t try the combo!

Probiotics & Shilajit

In addition to consuming natural antibiotic foods, and shilajit on a regular basis, one must take great care to fortify your immune system with probiotics. These are best obtained from fermented foods (please see our article) or from dirt remaining on freshly picked vegetables from your garden. Don’t buy into the mass hysteria, many bacteria are your friends!