Independent Lab Results for Pürblack Live Resin.

Adaptive Energy LLC owns and operate Pü maker of Shilajit Live Resin

At Adaptive Energy, we believe in transparency and the importance of independent laboratory testing. We test Pürblack Live Resin at least three times:

First, we rigorously test it ourselves, prior to sending the product to an independent European laboratory.

Next, it is tested by an independent lab in the Czech Republic
Finally, it is tested by an independent lab in the United States, prior to being placed on the market.

Note: Pürblack exceeds any genuine Shilajit or Mumie Resin currently available in North America in quality and transparency or performed safety and authenticity tests.

Inspecting our product, you will notice two aspects that are particularly important to address:

  1. Our results from US testing different than those received from Europe. This likely has to do with the fact that different equipment and somewhat different methods were used on a natural product with an uneven molecular distribution. We have no reason to question either of the laboratories – both are reputable, with experienced and highly-qualified staff. What matters to us is that safety and authenticity have been validated by both sources.
  2. The European certificate of analysis features tests dealing mostly with authenticity and genuineness, which are not part of the testing for the American certificate. American Laboratories have not yet fully developed the culture of testing Shilajit Resins. The methods used in the US deal primarily with safety, rather than authenticity. At Adaptive Energy, we are currently working on bringing higher testing standards to US laboratories to fully test Pürblack domestically. We believe in full transparency and disclosure, which is why we provide all the certificates of analysis we receive, from both foreign and domestic laboratories.
  3. Our Resin imports legally with proper FDA and CPB filings. Our certificates of analysis are filed with the Food and Drug Administration upon entry to the United States. Pürblack safety standards comply with EPA and California Prop65 guidelines.

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Below you will find our recent tests for Pürblack Live Resin. We constantly work on improving quality:


02. AUTHENTICITY AND SAFETY. EU 2014. Kosmovital S.R.O.