Clean Human = Live Water + Pürblack and Shilajit Magic

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Always dissolve your Pürblack in cleanest, purified water. Combination of humic acids with inorganic chlorine and fluoride salts are topics that are somewhat controversial. An ideal for a healthy human is the cleanest shilajit mixed and consumed with the pristine spring water. Pürblack outperforms any traditional shilajit and mumie in purity and efficacy. It is important to explain to our readers why best quality water is so important for a healthy human. It is a great idea for anybody to know how to find natural springs, test water for safety and store it. Enjoy the read:)

It dawned on us that we’ve explored several topics already while still not discussing one of the most quintessential components to good health; clean water! In all our experiences with considering physical well-being with people, this seems to be one of the most commonly overlooked topics in all of the new age world. It is the main confrontation we have with nutritionists, they assess peoples’ diets and subsequently make lengthy lists of needed changes, completely ignoring this foundational principle of recommending waters.

Of course, depending on your geographical location, the task of acquiring clean water will vary significantly in difficulty. For example, in Southern California, the situation is especially interesting; many residents are unaware that SoCal imports over 90% of water. A portion of it comes from Northern California (utilizing some of the biggest pumps in the world), but the majority from the Colorado River. The real problem is that on its journey here, this major stream is believed to pass over 250 other major urban wastewater outpours. That is 250 massive cities dumping their ‘filtered ******* *** ******’ into the Colorado River before it reaches San Diego. It makes sense that they would need to add an ungodly amount of chlorine to the liquid to make it close to drinkable. Chlorine is such an exceptionally reactive molecule that it does not exist in its free elemental form in nature.

The other main issue (and a hotly controversial one at that) is that of fluoridation. People believe that fluoridated water helps to prevent tooth decay & cavities; while this topic is still highly debatable, what is not is that fluoride is a cumulative poison. Fluoride is a toxic by-product of the phosphoric acid, phosphate fertilizer, & aluminum industries. Up until the 1930’s it was dumped into the air & water; people started getting sick from fluoride poisoning and initiated lawsuits. Around this time, it was decided that a shift in public opinion with regards to fluoride had to change. Instead of paying millions for disposal of this deadly waste, they began selling it to toothpaste & municipal water companies. According to some urban myths in 1984, one toothpaste manufacturer, admitted that a single tube of their toothpaste contained enough fluoride to kill a child. There is some interesting discussion in the literature regarding the idea that fluoride may even calcify the pineal gland, dimming one’s intuition & higher cognitive abilities. Fear not though, it’s hypothesized that after consuming a certain quantity of Pürblack Live Resin, full decalcification of this sacred gland ensues.

People often drink filtered/reverse osmosis (RO) water with the mindset that it has been ‘cleaned’. In reality, this water is virtually dead. Gone are many of its precious minerals responsible for the hydrating & healing benefits associated with water. It has a pH of approximately 4, ultimately encouraging the growth of unfriendly bacteria in the body.

The fundamental principle when taking highest quality shilajit is to rejuvenate & strengthen the entire mind & body. Consider that a human being is 50-60% water by weight on average. What is the point of taking a powerful substance like Pürblack if you don’t have even the most simple materials necessary for reconstruction? What you want is living spring water. This unaltered, unadulterated variety of H2O usually undergoes a very long, all natural filtration process through various rocks & sediments in the Earth’s crust. Spring water is full of vibrance & vitality, which transfers over to the imbiber. In theory, the fulvic compounds in Pürblack further enhance the uptake & utilization of minerals in the water. Cell membrane permeability may also increase; living water & nutrition are allowed to enter the cell much more readily.

Removing the name water, and for a moment just observing the essence of this energetic substance can be quite a fascinating endeavor. One would be wise to take more seriously not only the quantity, but the quality of the water you are taking. Live long, drink clean water and prosper!

Pürblack is a unique, live resin. It is a supreme healing food in Ayurveda and Eastern European naturopathic medicine. We use the latest, American technology to produce an elite quality product. Our patent-pending process, creates the resin significantly superior to any traditionally made authentic Shilajit or Moomiyo. Pürblack has all benefits of traditional high-end resins and new ones, not previously found in any Shilajit or Moomiyo products. We welcome you to review the benefits and site content pages of our site. Find high-value knowledge that is transformative and empowering. We protect each jar by assigning an individual serial number to it. Try Pürblack to experience the best in you. Pürblack live resin combines all benefits of genuine shilajit and mumie. It delivers unique benefits not previously available in shilajit-mumie resins. Benefits rooted in science coming from nature. We welcome you to review the benefits and site content pages of our site. Find high-value knowledge that is transformative and empowering. We protect each jar by assigning an individual serial number to it. Shilajit and Mumie to Pürblack Live Resin are as conventional grown to organic produce.

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