shilajit walking testimonial

Two years ago my health declined greatly when I had five diabetic seizures without any knowledge that I had diabetes then I started a regimen of supplementation and doing research on ayurvedic medicines and found one called shilajit.

I bought several different brands of Shilajit capsules and found them non-effective, then I found information on pürblack which is a resin that can be taken with raw milk so, after much discussion with a seller of the resin type of shilajit, I bought my first 30 g.  jar of shilajit.

I used the first and second jar without any noticeable difference and now with a third jar I have begun to notice a difference in my endurance when walking a mile every day, I can walk the mile with my mouth closed breathing through my nose which is something that was impossible before.

My lungs do not burn now as before when I walk the mile and the asthma is also disappearing, that was a great weakness of being out of breath after I walk, my walking is much faster and I sleep soundly.

It is not often that you find something that you can drink or eat that really taste good, but I really like the way that the shilajit with warm milk taste, to me it tastes better than a milkshake and does good for the body.

I only take shilajit every other day because of my limited income, and I can see that process takes a while before the body acclimates to it and needs an adequate amount of shilajit to be taken if finance was no real concern I am sure that I would be much farther along, I am glad that I found this product that is natural; with no side effects like pharmaceutical medicines that takes the body out of balance.