Pürblack and Spirulina. The builder algae – shilajit combo.

shilajit and spirulina for strong bones

Spirulina is arguably the most potent, comprehensive superfood yet discovered on Earth (after Pürblack of course). Its nutrient array is impressive, to say the least. Containing 50-60% protein, phytonutrients, minerals, fatty acids, & vitamins. This cyanobacterium is something I would recommend for those from all walks of life. Those who have been on a Standard American Diet (SAD) for an extended period, the ill, or those in recovery (whether from drug addiction or trauma). Spirulina has intense energy about it that hints at its massive healing potential. In this short article, we’ll discuss the wonders of Spirulina and what benefit you will get when you combine it with Shilajit.

When you are taking Pürblack, the idea is to supply the resin with as many raw materials as possible to do its job of rebuilding your mind & body. Think of the shilajit as a construction worker, and the food & herbs you eat as the building supplies. Few things trump these algae when it comes to raw power; it contains more protein than chicken, beef, or fish (by weight). All essential amino acids are present, as well as the exceptionally rare Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA). GLA is a special omega-6 fatty acid usually found in breastmilk & evening primrose oil. It is important in conditions ranging from PMS to rheumatoid arthritis. Spirulina also has been found to bind to radioactive isotopes & chelate them from the body.

The most exciting horizon with this shilajit/spirulina combination is bone remineralization. This blue-green organism contains 26x more calcium than milk (by weight)! It is also very rich in phosphorous, magnesium, & vitamin D. Keep this in mind; someone taking Pürblack shilajit daily will regenerate healthy bone, muscle & connective tissue 3-4x as quickly than a person who is not.

There is also much speculation in regards to the transmutation abilities of the shilajit due to fulvic acids; essentially this means that once in the body, the resin may act as an alchemist. The only difference here is that the lead is the minerals, and the gold is the new bone & tissue. This leads me to speculate about something; think about how when you take spirulina, much of it gets stuck to your teeth. Instead of removing it, perhaps it is left on. Immerse the tooth in a rich mineral bath of sorts. Certainly, Pürblack shilajit would only further enhance this process; whether applied directly to the tooth concurrently or taken internally.

It is worth mentioning that although people used to believe that spirulina was a good source of B12, it turns out that this information is false. In its stead is an analog of B12 that does not impart the same benefits to humans, for example, as the B12 found in lightly-cooked eggs. The good news is there are strains of probiotics that generate B12 in the gut, namely Streptococcus Thermophilus.

Another fascinating component of this heralded blue-green superfood is its high concentrations of the feel-good chemical phenylethylamine. Phenylethylamine is also present in raw cacao & cheese and generates a sense of euphoric well-being (hence the addictive nature of cheese & chocolate). It is naturally secreted in large amounts when falling in love or having sex. Phenylethylamine is responsible for the potent mood-boosting, cognitive enhancing, appetite suppressant benefits of spirulina.

A few tablespoons of spirulina & cacao in the morning along with a dose of Pürblack shilajit is a recipe for a supremely blissful, nutrient-dense kind of day. It’s what the human experience is all about; adapting, creating, and enjoying life. These sorts of superfood combinations allow one to begin to push the limits of human existence.