Useful properties of tulsi and synergi of Tulsi and Shilajit

A small serving of tulsi. Shilajit can greatly enhance tulsi bioactives and nutrients.

Holy Basil, Batman! I am incredibly excited to share with you about the divine nature of Tulsi, a medicinal herb indigenous to India. Officially known as Ocimum tenuiflorum, Tulsi plays a crucial role in the worship of various Hindu Gods such as Vishnu, Krishna, and Rama. Interestingly, ancient Vedic texts say that shilajit is sweat coming from Vishnu, who lives deep inside the Himalayas. Prophecies state that in times of need, the magical exudate will seep from the mountains. For some strange reason, the legend ignores the fact that genuine shilajit is found in many mountain ranges on the planet in Siberia, Caucasus, Antarctica. Vishnu must have been fond of traveling all over the planet.

So perhaps if you burn some Tulsi and give homage to Vishnu, he will bless you with a jar of Pürblack shilajit. Interconnectedness is a beautiful and mysterious thing. The synergy of Tulsi & Pürblack shilajit is a wonderful feeling to behold and has a multitude of potential health applications.

Holy basil contains a compound known as a ursolic acid that inhibits cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) and 5-lipoxygenase (5-LOX). These two markers of inflammation form the dangerous duo responsible for generating potent inflammatory chemicals known as eicosanoids. Eicosanoid production that gets out of control can contribute to a wide range of health challenges including cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol/blood pressure, and arthritis. Ursolic acid’s efficacy in a broad range of ailments is in large part due to its ability to reduce eicosanoid creation at the source. Insect bites, stress, pain, infections, skin problems, etc., all have inflammation as a direct contributing factor in their diagnoses.

Tulsi is also known to induce heavy perspiration, which is excellent for those trying to rid themselves of toxins. The astringent nature of this botanical assists the body in removing unwanted residue from the lungs & throat, making it suitable for smokers of cannabis or cigarettes. Advocates also claim this plant helps to nourish the crown chakra, aiding one in deep meditation.

In life, I like to ask myself ‘WWJD’; for those not raised in the Bible Belt, that means What Would Jesus Do? I scoffed at these WWJD bracelets as an adolescent, but having come more into my own flavor of spirituality these days, I acknowledge Jesus for the rad human being that he was. So, I ask myself, what would Jesus do here, today? Obviously, he would be going around and healing people; I highly doubt He would use low-quality medicine to do so. He would use shilajit that supersedes the quality and efficacy of all resins to come before it. Unfortunately, Pürblack did not exist 2000 years ago; all they had was plain old shilajit. Jesus would see himself in Pürblack, as he also superseded the spiritual attainment of all beings to come before him. He would speak to the Lepers, telling them how the synergy of Holy Basil, the Holy Spirit, and Pürblack would rid them of their demonic possession and illness. Word on the street is that Jesus is planning a return trip to Earth, or maybe he already came back in the form of Pürblack.

Always remember that your physical body is the foundation of your health in all regards. Without this groundwork, attaining spiritual enlightenment is very difficult. Hence, by taking shilajit to make your body more ‘rock like’ you will be one step closer to being like Jesus.