Reincarnation daily. Rhodiola-Shilajit Genesis

shilajit rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is a truly fascinating adaptogen and perhaps one of the most all-around useful as well. It is sometimes called ‘herbal anabolic steroids’ due to its effects on human physiology. Also referred to as Arctic Root or Golden Root, this plant grows only in cold regions of the globe; Russia, the Alps, Iceland, & Ireland are a few examples. It is likely that the extreme weather in Rhodiola’s native habitats contributes to its powerful adaptogenic qualities.

As the legend goes, the reason for the Viking’s renowned physical strength was because of this powerful herb. This myth exists due to the reported effects of increased DNA/RNA production in the muscles, as well as elevated creatine synthesis. The fun is only beginning though, as other possible benefits include:

– May harmonize serotonin/dopamine levels
– Increased creativity
– Extended energy & endurance
– Possible cardiovascular protection (may protect against excessive release of catecholamines, preventing ‘adrenaline burn’)
– Mood-elevation
– Slowed metabolism of caffeine (possibly a pro or a con)
– May reduce pain levels
– May increase levels of ATP [adenosine-triphosphate] production (ATP is the energy molecule generated in the mitochondria; if the body stopped producing it for four seconds you would die instantly)
– Fewer effects when consuming alcohol (can be good or bad, depending on your desires)

For hardcore athletes & yogis, or anyone stretched beyond the edge of sanity due to our modern lifestyles, Pürblack Live Resin with high-quality Rhodiola could be the difference between energy and lethargy. Shilajit is a ‘Rasayana’ in Ayurveda; this means it destroys old age & disease, as well as rejuvenates the entire body. The synergy of shilajit with a steroid-like herb such as Rhodiola is most likely Herculean in nature. This is what you want when pushing through the truly difficult challenges in life, whether it’s placing 1st in a triathlon or finishing your dissertation on time. This combination has delightfully varied applications with equal regards to the mind & body. Taking Pürblack & Rhodiola before I write enables me to enter a more vast, calm, and free-flowing headspace. Doing the same before a 50 mile bicycle ride endows a ferocious tenacity that does not waver, as I viciously climb each steep incline on California’s hilly coastline.

There are two main categories of active alkaloids in Rhodiola; rosavins and salidrosides. Rosavins are thought to act more on dopamine, accounting for the motivating, focus-enhancing, energy-boosting properties. Alternatively, salidrosides may affect serotonin, accounting for the increase in creativity, anxiolysis, mood-elevating & appetite suppression.

It is clear that there is much territory to explore in the light of all this information. It is important that this knowledge makes it in the minds of the well-intentioned, self-aware people across the globe. Here you have two substances that, when combined, possibly replace traditional steroids, caffeinated beverages, painkillers, and recreational/pharmaceutical drugs. It is up to every one of us do self-experimentation, pushing our physiology into uncharted realms of the universe. It is important not to consume Rhodiola for more than 4-5 days in a row, with several day breaks. Rhodiola is very strong and can quickly lose its efficacy if abused. But do not fear! You can still take Pürblack for your daily dose of adaptogenesis on the off days.

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