Shilajit jar recycling and do composting after juicing.

Recylce shilajit containers and make composts out of the juice leftovers.

Imagine you are relaxing and sipping a martini while hanging out on the brand new island you just bought. Yes, that’s right, an entire island all to yourself! Did I forget to mention that this island is made entirely of plastic bottles? At least you’ll have ample room to stretch your legs, as it is as large as the state of Texas. How did we manage to wander so off track as a race that we are drowning ourselves in artificial bullshit?

50 years ago everything came in a reusable glass bottle. These days, high-quality glass bottles can be quite difficult to find, and are often valuable antiques! Why did we stop this practice of using glass? Everyone knows that food & drinks taste, look, feel, and smell exponentially better than the same stuff kept in a plastic container. That is why Pürblack shilajit. choose to use coated glass for all is products.

Thinking about this, will you still be able to continue to purchase pre-made juice in plastic bottles? I have a hard time getting over the fact that I am consciously ingesting endocrine disruptors like BPA. All this contributes to our method of storing Pürblack shilajit exclusively in biophotonic glassware. We know that we are providing the highest quality, most efficacious shilajit resin on the planet, and do not want a little light to affect the end product. We strongly encourage you to reuse the jar after you’ve eaten all the shilajit; small steps towards saving the world! The Pürblack jars are excellent to store herbs, spices, and your most exotic honey and herb pills.

We cannot keep up this pace with plastic, and everyone knows it. Every single molecule of plastic that has ever been synthesized is still in existence! It was a beyond brilliant invention but now exists in such grave depths of excess that our entire global ecosystem is on the brink of collapse.

People in the juicing industry are prime candidates to take initiative and begin inching towards sustainability. Opting to use glass bottles will drive up your costs, but it will also raise the amount of respect people feel towards your operation, whether they realize it or not.

Instate a bottle return/reuse program, and they will love you even more. In Patagonia’s book “The Responsible Company” they stress the importance of using the word responsible over sustainable. The idea is that there is not one single business on the face of the Earth that is sustainable at the present moment.

I find that an incredibly sobering fact, but as we take steps towards being the most mindful, conscious, and responsible businessmen & women possible. Only then can we be in a place to truly ponder how to make the transition to sustainability.

Composting is another important task for any juicer. Composting is an arguably magical process that allows us to take once living, organic matter and turn it into high energy food for our favorite plants. Considering the exorbitant amount of pulp that churns out daily, local composters should rejoice.

Perhaps you can contact your local juiceries and see if any of them need the rainbow-colored pulpy goodness removed from the property; the nutrient-rich plant matter would surely make an excellent addition to any compost pile. For added coolness, get some earthworms to enhance your dirt pile!

Join purblack, the maker of high-quality shilajit resin it our question to help the environment by utilizing sustainable and responsible packaging solutions.