Shilajit and mumie use by traditional healers.

shilajit and acupuncure healing

Of course, any panacea substances  are always an “exaggeration”. The traditional healers of antiquity did not have the tools available to the modern-day scientists. Ayurvedic practitioners and Siberian shamanic healers were nevertheless the “scientists” of their days. They also managed to be quite successful in “building” people back to health. This was done with use of mineral pitch resin as a foundation and various herbs.


More recently, the modern science has investigated and proven effectiveness of the mumie shilajit resin to positively affecting the human body. The modern-day research is still somewhat limited by the scope of the studies conducted. Massive clinical trials took place only in the Soviet Union, where the doctors chose not to use mineral pitch as a medicine, rather chose to use it as a nutritional supplement contributing to conventional therapies. The rationale behind such decision was the idea that the material affects the body overall, and it shows isolated results only in particular cases. Therefore, it was better to use the resin as a supplement  to give the body strong and comprehensive stimulus. The other reason was that isolating specific substances from the resin and making them into a medicine did not succeed. The resin worked only as a whole. Shilajit is a marvelously complex substance, one which only nature could have produced.


One point that should be clearly understood is that the elements and chemicals which make up shilajit are not individual and isolated. They are all integral parts of complex compounds, produced by the workings of nature and intricately combined. Even if we were to eventually isolate all of shilajit’s individual elements and chemical constituents, we would not be able to simply throw a properly proportioned amount of each one in a vat and “cook up” a fresh batch of shilajit. There are compounds present that we have not even fully analyzed – much less achieved the ability to synthesize in the laboratory.


Even more remarkable is the fact that shilajit’s constituent substances and compounds are present in forms that are readily assimilated by the body. They are present in balanced proportions that match the body’s structure and make-up. Thus the body is able to transport them to the places where they are needed, and then utilize them to effect repairs, rejuvenation, protection, reinforcement or support, according to the needs of the moment.


A healthy body is an almost inconceivably complex mechanism – truly a miracle of creation. It is naturally able to function well and smoothly, going about the activities of day-to-day living, and following the natural course of its lifetime – from conception to birth, through adolescence and adulthood, gradually changing through old age until it finally ceases to function as a living organism.  When an ailment is manifested by the body, it is most often an indication that the normal, healthy balance of elements and compounds (a balance known as “homeostasis”) has been disturbed. There is a deficiency of one or more elements that should be present in a certain amount or proportion. (Or, in some cases, there is too much of a particular substance.) This imbalance disrupts a normal functioning, and its effects may spread to other areas and systems in the body, creating further imbalances and causing various unwanted conditions and symptoms to appear.


Yet another of the great values of shilajit, and natural substances like it (now more and more frequently referred to as “superfoods” and also as “biogenic regulators”), is that they act to repair deficiencies, restore natural balances (homeostasis) and help the body return to normal, healthy functioning. Or, rather than saying that shilajit itself has such an effect, it might be more correct to say that the body is able to use it (and similar substances) to restore its own balances and health. In any case, by learning about mineral pitch resin, its properties and uses, anyone can take advantage of its tremendous potentials.


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