Pürblack to shilajit powder as high to low quality juice.

high quality shilajit juice

The question of the ages – do you want quality or quantity? I’m a quality advocate myself; this is why I take Pürblack for all my most pressing medicinal needs. I could save some money and only buy powdered shilajit (which is just a soil extraction, not shilajit) and probably still get some therapeutic effects. However, just spending the extra cash on Pürblack allows me to take something daily that assists me with an enormous range of crucial things. This includes:

  • Staying off of hard drugs & alcohol
  • Accelerating recovery time after yoga & cycling
  • Reducing muscle soreness & body pain
  • Boosting my mood
  • Mitigating anxiety
  • Enhancing effects of herbs & tea
  • Deepens meditation
  • Enhances quality of my sleep

It is obvious why it is worth it to spend the extra money on quality stuff. This same logic applies to juices. Sure, you can save a buck by purchasing non-organic produce or buying a questionable pre-bottled juice. These could contain food from all over the world, resulting in a higher carbon footprint. Also present are endocrine disruptors (if in a plastic bottle) and possibly pesticides. Perhaps it doesn’t have any of these things but is simply devoid of vitamins, minerals, & other nutrifying compounds.

Alternatively, you could spend $10-12 on a cold-pressed organic, locally sourced green juice that is much more beneficial to your health. It is a good rule of thumb to be skeptical of things found in plastic bottles. If a producer of a product cares much at all about the integrity of what they are selling, it is highly unlikely they would utilize plastic as their vessel. This is why at Pürblack shilajit we exclusively use biophotonic glass. Environmental responsibility is tantamount to our survival as a race, and business owners are in a prime position to take the initiative on these sorts of things.

I like to remind myself when using high-quality products that less is more. Just as you need minuscule amounts of Pürblack to feel uplifting effects, one would benefit much more from consuming one high-quality juice as opposed to ten low-quality juices. Your best bet is to simply make your green juice at home.

Although a good juicer can put you out several hundred dollars, it can be a worthwhile investment. It gives you total control over the process; you pick which fruits & veggies you want, wash them how you feel is best, and end up with a completely transparent juice. Well, figuratively at least, meaning the juice is going to be devoid of mysterious poisons & plastic residues. You see that quality is the bees knees!

The fantastic news is when you buy Pürblack you don’t have to sacrifice on quantity or quality. See for yourself!