DIY Juice or bought Juice? The better is…

shilajit juice homemade

The act of sloth is one of the original seven deadly sins, meaning it’s a really, really bad idea for you to express that quality. Or perhaps you’re feeling lucky…well, then sloth it up my friend. It would seem that if this truly were a deadly sin, many advocates of drinking juices are ultimately on the highway to hell. Are they not buying the pre-made juice because they are too lazy to make it themselves? Interestingly, this might be an instance where you may not receive judgement for not undertaking the arduous task of preparing your own juice. Several factors must go under the magnifying glass when determining what works best for you.



The first major obstacle on the juicing path is buying a juicer. Most quality juicers cost at least several hundred dollars. This can be a bit steep, especially if you only plan on drinking juice once in a while. However, if you plan on imbibing the stuff daily, purchasing a juicer is a great investment that will quickly pay for itself. The next part of the process is buying the fruits, vegetables, etc. that have an essence you want to consume. Top notch, organic produce is usually only a few dollars per item at the most, but even that can add up incredibly quickly when done on a regular basis. Once I started buying produce to juice, it became much clearer why this particular quality of juice fetches such a steep price in retail shops. I could easily burn through $20 of produce in one day. In my opinion, the number one contributing element to juicing sloth is the brutal reality of cleaning up your mess after juicing. All the cleaning of the veggies, cutting, dicing, slicing, grinding, mushing, pulping, and disposal of unused food bits causes a considerable amount of collateral damage. You must exercise special precautionary methods when handling highly pigmented foods such as beets. If they get on certain materials, a stain is guaranteed.



Another variable in this whole scheme is simply the basic human tendency to fear the unknown. This is a sentiment we are all too familiar with at Pürblack. When we bust out a jar of black tar while making insane claims, people tend to raise their eyebrows on suspicion. Everyone assumes I am just another bunk salesman, pushing a magic silver bullet that will even make your bones regenerate faster! I have to be careful with the rate at which I disclose information about shilajit or people have a hard time processing it and call it snake oil. Anyone who has tried real stuff is a firm believer though, as the effects are immediate and undeniable.



Juicing is a foreign language to many people, and it can be challenging at first to find the best balance of taste & nutrition. Using all of this as a guide, you can deduce what is more fitting for you. Do you want to run the gauntlet and make your juice, or would you rather just enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor?

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