Increasing sexual power with ginseng and shilajit

Shlajit and panax ginseng are incredible herbal combinations for incredible energy, sexual capability, and mental clarity.

Imagine that the beauty that is fermentation made love with a five-year-old Korean white ginseng plant. The baby would be named ILHWA. ILHWA makes the Lactobacillus fermented ginseng known as GINST15. There is much hullabaloo regarding ginseng in our modern society, as it is probably one of (if not the most) well-recognized adaptogens in the world. I remained rather disinterested for some time, as the multitude of ginseng preparations I tested had little to no noticeable effects. After discovering ILHWA, I now fully understand why the holistic community so esteems this medicinal herb. Panax ginseng has been in use for over 2000 years, which makes me trust it. Similarly to shilajit, there is often much power in ancient wisdom.

Clinical studies of ginseng show benefits to vitality, energy, mental clarity, joint comfort, blood quality, detoxification pathways, pH balance, and sex drive. In Greek, Pan means ‘all’ and axos means ‘cure’; Panax literally means ‘cure-all’. My first experience with GINST15 was entirely magical & game-changing.

My friend scooped out a dose of the viscous black liquid and handed it to me with a bit of a coy smile on his face. I held it in my mouth for a minute and followed it with a dose of Pürblack shilajit to enhance uptake & catalyze the active ginsenosides.

Within minutes, I had the intense energy, clarity, and mood boost that I associate with amphetamines, yet without the pushiness, anxiety, or rapid heart beat. I jovially continued throughout my day until meeting up with my girlfriend later that evening… And it was longer, stronger and better than ever.

Men are notorious for not being able to last longer than a few minutes while women are exactly the opposite. I’ve heard the analogy that men are like bottle rockets, whereas women are like diesel engines. On top of her experiencing satisfying fulfillment, my confidence is also massively boosted, and my warriorhood returned.

This experience with ILHWA ginseng and Pürblack shilajit was the first thing I’d ever taken that had actual efficacy with the problem of premature ejaculation. For added enhancement to your staying power, also try adding Sol Raiz maca root, pine pollen (nature’s most powerful testosterone booster), or Cordyceps mushroom from Mushroom Science. It is not hard to see why this is such a big deal for so many men. You can stop abusing yourself with nasty pharmaceuticals. A friend of mine recently went to Mexico and stopped at a local taquería to grab a bite to eat, when he spotted ‘Viagra menudo’ on the menu. He did not tell me whether or not he tried it, of course.

The fermentation of the ginseng root allows for exponentially higher absorption rates compared to standard ginseng preparations. Ginsenosides have very complex molecular structures that are hard for many people to assimilate. The lactobacillus metabolizes these compounds into more easily recognizable forms; the bacteria essentially do the challenging task of digestion so that you don’t have to. Furthermore, Panax ginseng has 36 types of ginsenosides, as opposed to American ginseng with a mere 13. This allows Panax to demonstrate a much more broad medicinal effect on the body, as well as being compatible with a larger amount of constitutional archetypes.

Panax ginseng also contains more germanium than any other plant on Earth; a compound considered by many to be one of the most powerful detoxifiers in the world. Germanium is a biological response modifier, just like ginseng, shilajit, or medicinal mushrooms.

As Pürblack and GINST15 both come in pocket size glass vessels, they make perfect companions for work, school, or traveling. Nobody will suspect that the tiny vials you pull out of your pocket contain some of the most powerful medicines on the planet. ILHWA and Pürblack synergize especially well on the palate; as you mix the resin and the liquid, the two immediately begin to tango. Not only will this cause the GINST15 to absorb more efficiently (highly desirable considering the price point), but you will be endowed with God-like sexual prowess. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, botanical medicines that are black such as ginseng, chaga, shilajit, eucommia, and he sho wou are thought to be very nurturing to the kidneys, which house our vital life essence (known as Jing). We can guarantee that once you go Pürblack, you’ll never go back!