Ginger the health down. But UP is with Pürblack

shilajit and ginger tea

Legend has it that the great philosopher Confucius consumed a piece of ginger after every meal. Of course, Confucius also says that a man who stands on a toilet is high on pot. Only joking. Officially known as Zingiber Officinalis, ginger is a super potent, incredibly unique & magical root. Motion sickness, morning sickness, colic, stomach upset, gas, diarrhea, depression, and inflammation are all maladies that this spicy little rhizome can pound on with a healthy hammer. Ginger increases blood flow to the intestines & capillaries, making it an essential tool in any detoxification regimen.

It seems that as humans in our modern society, we are prone to dwindle away our time daydreaming about living in fantasy worlds like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. These are places where there is ‘real’ magic, or so our minds tell us. I challenge you to be fully present while chewing on a piece of a ginger root; the results may surprise you. Instantly, a warming sensation begins to build in the mouth. It’s not like a jalapeno, but also not quite horseradish; just an indescribable golden burn that warms the entire mind, body, and soul. Upon swallowing, you can feel the pleasant amber glow begin to radiate from inside your stomach, all the way to the tips of your earlobes. Your mood lifts and a feeling of strength engulfs you as your digestive fires roar to life; if that is not magic, then I simply don’t know what is.

People contend with so many issues that lower their quality of life, and we often turn to unhealthy things to cope. Antidepressant, pain medication, alcohol, TV, money, loveless sex, shopping, and gambling are a few of the usual suspects. Our whole lives society tells us that this is the stuff we need to feel better. It is easy to see how throughout this immense pile of distracting garbage, one could overlook the $2 piece of ginger root at the health foods store. If you are feeling like experiencing major health boost (and who isn’t?) take a pea-sized serving of Pürblack along with 2-3oz of freshly pressed, organic ginger juice. Juicing the ginger allows you to concentrate the medicinal compounds contained within the rhizome. Whether it’s your digestion that falters or your emotions that weigh heavy because of some mean girl, shilajit will efficiently deliver the energetic signature of the ginger where it will exhibit the most medicinal potential.

Furthermore, Pürblack surpasses the quality & efficacy of all previously manufactured shilajit resins. This means that on top of catalyzing the gingerols, Pürblack provides you with the full range of benefits associated with consumption of shilajit. Also, worth noting is the potent ability to stimulate a healthy immunity by both ginger and Pürblack. When these two germ-squashers are allowed to synergize, pathogens don’t stand a chance. Juice away your weakness with a shot of organic ginger juice and a ball of Pürblack!