Your Secret Shilajit Arsenal Against Coffee.

Shilajit helps curb caffeeine/coffee addiction. A syringe filled with coffee beans.

Although massive amounts of people are completely hooked on coffee, it seems that relatively few people understand how caffeine works. People seem to view it as ‘energy’ when indeed it is merely a trickery. In this article, we’ll talk about coffee, how it works, and how you should opt for shilajit infused fruit juices to get you going in the morning.

A molecule known as adenosine plays a pivotal role in the phenomenon of feeling tired. As you spend more & more time awake and exerting yourself both physically & mentally, adenosine begins to accumulate. This accumulation makes you feel tired, and as you sleep your body breaks down the adenosine, resetting the cycle.

The caffeine in coffee exhibits its psychoactive effects by attaching itself to the adenosine receptors with such potency that it outcompetes adenosine. The body compensates for this imbalance by generating additional adenosine receptors throughout the body. The problems begin when the caffeine leaves the body, as you’ll all of a sudden be hypersensitive to this sleepy compound. This is what causes the intense fatigue associated with caffeine withdrawal.

If you are seeking real energy, turn to the synergy of Pürblack Live Resin Shilajit with fresh-pressed organic green juice. The ionic minerals, metabolites, shilajit fulvic & humic acids combine with the broad array of micronutrients in the juice to give your body serious vitality. Minerals show themselves in virtually every body process, from digestion to metabolic conversions & nerve cell communication. Supplying your body with an abundance of nutrition allows it to perform all its functions at optimum capacity, resulting in increased energy generation.

In addition, the shilajit/juice combo is such a beast in terms of detoxification that heavy metals, pesticides, xeno-estrogens, PCB’s, etc. will rapidly evacuate from your body. I think many people would be surprised if they knew the full extent to which environmental toxins impaired their physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual functions. Many of the phyto-compounds in green juice serve as powerful free-radical scavengers; this lessens the burden on your healthy cells & bacteria even more.

We are naturally intelligent, loving, energetic beings, and in an ideal world would not need to depend on drugs like caffeine & nicotine. (Fun fact: nicotine doubles the rate at which your body metabolizes caffeine.) However, we live in a modern and toxic world that encourages lifestyles often prone to extreme chronic stress, sleep deprivation, unhealthy eating, drinking alcohol & taking drugs, etc.

We must just do the best we can, and arm ourselves with the most powerful natural medicines available. Juices must come from freshly pressed, organic vegetables & fruits. It is highly preferable to buy locally grown produce as well. It supports the local economy and encourages more localized business.

Globalization does come with several luxuries, but in our time we are becoming very aware of its drawbacks and unsustainability. Buying local means supporting people that are growing high-quality food, as well as reducing the number of fossil fuels used to transport & store the food. Local food is almost always more fresh, and then it is easier to stay in tune with what is in season. Seasonal food is Mother Nature’s way of telling what to eat & when. As for the shilajit, our Live Resin exceeds in every regard compared to any other resins. Check out our Certificates of Analysis to see heavy metal levels, as well as other information about purity.