The health benefits of using Schizandra and Shilajit

shilajit and schizandra

Greetings fellow health advocates! This article regarding the interactions between Pürblack & Schizandra Chinensis will be but the first in a series. These works will focus on the intricate relationships that exist between shilajit and various adaptogenic herbs.

The effects of taking Pürblack live resin shilajit alongside medicinal herbs are threefold: First, the overall balancing, strengthening, & rejuvenating effects of the resin itself. Second, the berry offers its unique adaptive enhancement to one’s body. Finally, there is the synergy that develops between these two substances once in the body.

Schizandra (the Five Flavor Berry) is a supreme tonic herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is the only adaptogen in all of TCM to enter all primary 12 meridians, nourish all five elements, and harmonize all three treasures. The pretty part is: TCM considers schizandra an ultimate beauty tonic.

Meridians are energy channels that run up & down the body, similar to the lymph system. The five flavors of schizandra (sour, bitter, sweet, spicy, salty) correspond to the foundational energies of the human body – wood, fire, earth, metal, water. The three treasures are Jing, Shen, and Qi and have different functions in our lives.

The fun doesn’t stop there; Schizandra is also known to suppress cortisol levels & increase blood flow to the skin & eyes. It improves concentration, coordination, & endurance, protects the liver (extracts of schizandra are used to treat hepatitis), slows aging, and acts as a potent aphrodisiac. Legend has it that when one consumes Schizandra for 100 consecutive days, the user will experience radiant skin and a permanent smile!

When discussing shilajit, often quoted is its ability to amplify the effects of botanicals taken alongside it. Scientific studies on the interactions between shilajit & herbs are sparse at best; for this reason, I find it fitting to draw heavily from personal experience. Together, we are soaring through uncharted realms of the cosmos!

When I take schizandra on its own, I feel calmer, bestowed with a newfound sense of well-being. Taken with Pürblack, the difference in desirable effects is substantial; I feel my body temperature increase as my cells seemingly begin to produce more energy. My libido slowly starts to build over the course of several hours until it can be nigh uncontrollable. Only standing amongst the trees, observing the majestic blues & vibrant greens of Mother Nature becomes a euphoric experience. Each ecstatic in-breath and subsequent out-breath remind me of the infinitely complex – yet utterly simple nature of human consciousness.

I think that in an ideal world, schizandra alone would infer all these benefits to the user as a standalone product. However, due to modern conventional farming practices, our once luscious topsoil is now mostly barren sand. A large percentage of the minerals & other life-sustaining compounds, once naturally widespread, has all but disappeared from the ecosystem. This scenario results in mineral-deficient food, which further results in mineral-deficient humans. Of the most valuable minerals, many of us are critically deficient in humic & fulvic acids. They perform a broad range of functions in the body and are abundant in high-quality shilajit. I theorize that shilajit’s role as a carrier/catalyst for herbs is in large part due to this fact.

The science of combining tonic herbs with shilajit still seems relatively infantile, despite millennia of experimentation by our ancestors. It is exciting indeed to ponder what may lay before us in this arena!

It is important to understand that due to the popularity there are many substandard products available for “cheap”. Those, of course, will never deliver all the legendary benefits. One should use only highest quality products for prime health benefits. As far as Schizandra goes we recommend Lucidera. As far as the resin to improve the efficacy of your schizandra, of course, Pürblack Live Resin, which greatly outperforms any traditional shilajit or mumie on the planet.